Day: February 21, 2017

Office furniture: Buying guide

An office furniture is nowadays indispensable in all interiors. Functional above all, whether to work or do homework, there are nevertheless a multitude of styles, able to meet all the expectations of decoration.

Looking for a piece of office furniture to fit your office or just to integrate it into your living space?

You can not fall better, with this folder specially devoted to office furniture, in which many styles are reviewed.

Discover the contents of this guide dedicated to office furniture:

1. Wooden writing desk

Sober and timeless, the wooden desk is a must-have item and easily finds its place in any interiors, whatever the style of predilection.

The wood is indeed a solid and durable material, offering a wide choice in terms of essences and finishes.

On the market there is a multitude of wooden desks , able to meet all the expectations of decoration.

From classic to contemporary, through design, industrial or vintage, there’s something for everyone!

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Favorite for the wooden desk Quilda

In the family vintage wooden office, I ask the office Quilda!

With its retro lines inspired by the furniture of the 50s and its solid oak dress, this office furniture has everything to please fans of the genre, who will not remain either marble in front of its excellent value for money.

  • We like: its tapered feet, its many storage and its large tray.

2. Folding desk

folding desk

Practical and space-saving, the folding desk is ideal for the smallest spaces.

Discreet, it releases a maximum of space on the ground and offers, once opened, a work surface worthy of the name.

The whole with an inimitable style, which sometimes wants vintage, design, graphic or minimalist according to the models.

So ready to succumb to the trend folding desk?

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Featured products for the Gaston wall desk

Imagined by Florence Watine for Hartô, this wall unit combines design and functionality, with beautiful work surfaces and storage.

Two versions of colors are available for the drawers of this wall-mounted desk with walnut finish.

Victim of its success, the wall office Gaston displays 4 to 6 weeks of delivery time. A little patience will be required.

  • We like: the leather tongues as handles.

3. Office wood and metal

Office wood

An office furniture made of wood and metal associates two materials particularly stressed in interior decoration.

In terms of style, it undeniably approaches the industrial office, using the same two materials for many models.

This type of office with the robustness without faults, will therefore fall at right time if your heart swings between a wooden office and a model with industrial character.

Coup de coeur for the Victor office

The designer Pierre-François Dubois signed for Hartô this office in metal and wood, with graphic lines of Scandinavian inspiration.

You will not hesitate for a single moment to seduce you on this beautiful piece of excellent value for money.

  • We like: the storage drawers that we swear by trompe-l’œil.

4. Design office furniture

Office furniture

Design enthusiasts will definitely throw their weight on this type of model.

  • But what does a designer desk stand recognize?

This type of office is often characterized by minimalist lines and made of sober materials, such as wood, metal or glass.

Elegant and unadorned, it is an ally of choice for all rooms in the house.

Favorite for the design office Arlon

The design office Arlon is quite representative, with simple and ergonomic lines, combined with a walnut finish and a tempered glass top.

A design desk that is nevertheless practical, because it has a large work surface and many storage space.

  • We like: Brass details.

5. Industrial office

Industrial office

An industrial style office will have everything to delight the fans in this matter, devoting a true cult to the decoration workshop.

To recognize it, nothing is simpler: if it has raw lines, is made up mostly of wood and / or metal, you are on the right track!

  • Note: the industrial office is not exclusively reserved for loft-type interiors and can be easily integrated into many styles of decoration.

Industrial Industry

Coming from Maisons Du Monde’s Industry range, this office with its raw charm will meet all the expectations of industrial decoration lovers.

The alliance of the tinted Sheesham wood and the riveted metal, brings to this office an authentic loft spirit.

The drawers and lockers with which it is equipped, make it a functional piece of furniture and its large shelf guarantees a perfect ergonomics.

  • We like: the rail mounted sliding shelf, which transforms this industrial office into a computer cabinet in the blink of an eye.

6. Shelf office

Office etagere

A desktop shelf is a 2-in-1 most convenient system, combining as its name suggests, an office and shelves.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, a desktop shelf is no more cumbersome than a conventional desktop and instead allows to clear from the floor space, concentrating its storage on wall shelves.

This type of desktop is optimal for creating an organized workspace.

Favorite for Watford shelf office

A resolutely vintage style for the Watford office desk from La Redoute Interiors, with its elegant walnut finish, combined with a black lacquered steel structure.

Practical and aesthetic, this office furniture has two shelves in height and two drawers, that you can both dedicate to storage and your favorite decorative objects.