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Which Bar Chair To Choose For An Industrial Look?

If you are a fan of the industrial style in interior decoration, you have most certainly heard of the chair Nicolle , called “tail de baleine”. Today, we will be interested in this undeniable industrial design which, after more than eighty years of existence, has not finished to fill the aficionados of the genre.

History of the Nicolle chair

The industrial bar chair Nicolle was founded in Montreuil in the Paris region in the workshops of Nicolle establishments, founded by Paul Henry Nicolle in 1913 and whose main activity was the manufacture of metal washers.

Around 1930, Paul Henry Nicolle designed a 3-foot stool for his workshops. Stools in the form of washers then began to furnish the landscape of the Nicolle establishments as well as those of the neighboring factories. At that time, Paul Henry had no suspicion that he had just given birth to an icon, which was to conquer a great number of French workshops, whether specialized in the chemical industry , mechanical or textile, but especially of our interiors.

Very quickly, it adds a backsplash for the comfort of its employees. A detail, not the least, that would make the Nicolle chair an emblematic piece of design over the decades: a metal backrest evoking both the shape of a gooseneck and a tail of a whale. Then we move to 4 feet for stability. The world of work and safety are changing, so are the seats. Finally, it also creates a rotating model.

In 1954, the company was bought by Fichet Bauche who no longer wanted to produce the seats. Mr Félix, the workshop manager will then leave with the manufacturing tools and found a stamping company while continuing to produce the Nicolle chairs in subsidiary activity. He will then sell them through the Catalog Manutant anonymously until the 90s, even creating a model with wooden seat. The Nicolle chair and stool will therefore continue to equip the factories in France and Navarre in total anonymity until their production ceases with the new labor laws that impose seats at 5 feet.

nicolle chair

But the chair Nicolle had not said his last word! Jérôme Lepert, industrial archaeologist, specialist passionate about old industrial furniture, wonders about the manufacture of these seats that he regularly finds in old workshops. By dint of pugnacity, it finds the traces of its manufacture and saves in extremis the tooling of manufacture destined to be destroyed because useless. He then revived the production of Nicolle chairs and stools in the establishment, retaining the original processes.

Today, industrial bar chair enthusiasts are spoiled for choice in the style and finish of Nicolle chairs and stools , as they are now available in many different colors and heights to meet need of each. The seating can also be trimmed with a leather cake with a smooth or grained finish, which offers a more chic rendering.

Manufacture of the Nicolle chair

The secret of manufacture of this industrial bar chair made in France, lies in the assembly of stamped metal parts, of which it is entirely constituted. The legs and struts of the seat are riveted together; the seat is secured to the feet by an ancestral technique: spot welding. These welding points remain visible and represent one of the major characteristics of the Nicolle seats.

Good to know: the back of the Nicolle chair , originally welded to the seat is now removable, because it is fixed by 2 butterfly screws.

An industrial bar chair that blends into the decor

As you will be able to see through these few examples of developments, this industrial bar chair made in France has the gift of blending into the decor.
You will cross it in water green or bubble-gum pink but also with colors of industrial style pure juice (black, gray, wood …), in perfect match with the spirit of this seat, on the margins of becoming cult .

Wall Shelf: Buying Guide

A wall shelf is a small piece of furniture, which is essential today in our interiors, both for its practical and aesthetic appearance.

Indeed, a wall shelf can be a real reinforcement in terms of storage for small spaces but can also serve as a showcase for various objects or plants.

Also, you have decided to incorporate a wall shelf in your decoration but you do not know on which model to throw your sights? Here is what to illuminate your lantern, with a special folder devoted to the trend wall shelf.

Discover the summary of this folder dedicated to wall shelves:

1. Wooden wall shelf

wooden wall shelf

A wooden wall shelf is a pledge of sobriety, solidity and timelessness, which will easily find its place in many styles of interiors.

This type of shelf wall has indeed simple lines and purified, to better blend in the universe of each.

So if for you wall shelf rhymes with simplicity and efficiency, a wooden model will fulfill your expectations.

Favorite for the wall mounted wooden shelf Cyrillus

The wall shelf in wood from Paulownia (an exotic wood originating in Asia) Cyrillus is quite representative of the genus with a purified style with natural rendering.

Featuring 4 levels of storage, this wooden shelf in square design offers beautiful capabilities, all at a very good value for money.

  • We like: the reinforcing bars ensuring the maintenance of books or objects, the assembly instructions downloadable.

2. Wall shelf wood and leather

wood and leather wall shelf

When two noble materials such as leather and wood meet, there must be sparks!

The concept of wall shelf in wood and leather is very fashionable. Consisting of a wooden shelf and leather straps, this type of shelf has the gift of subliming a wall in the blink of an eye of a masculine touch, which will make all the difference in your interior.

Practical and aesthetic, a wall shelf in wood and leather is the piece of character you need if you want to stand out in terms of singularity.

Favorite for the wall shelf Kabane

The wall shelf Kabane AM.PM meets the criteria previously mentioned in style.

Consisting of a solid mango wood shelf, supported by two natural leather straps, this emblematic piece at a very low price is to be adopted with eyes closed for all the rooms of the house!

  • Note: The Kabane wall shelf is available in two sizes.

3. Metal wall shelf

metal wall shelf

The raw appearance of a metal wall shelf will surely seduce the adepts of the industrial style. But not that because an industrial shelf is quite capable of adapting to other environments.

You will find for this category a quite varied choice of shapes and finishes, with metal wire, a robust material that no longer presents in interior decoration.

Favorite for the wall shelf Archal

This small metal shelf has nothing to envy to the biggest, with its body of steel, its rounded lines and its elegant brass finish.

However, considering its dimensions, the wall shelf Archal has more of a decorative than functional role.

4. Shelf String Furniture

etagere String Furniture

The reputation of the wall shelf String Furniture is no longer to be done, in terms of design, simplicity and efficiency.

Imagined more than 60 years ago by Swedish designer Nisse Strinning, this must-have aficionados on a global scale.

Over the years, and in order to meet an increasing demand, the String range has been widely extended, and numerous variations of colors and accessories have appeared, all without ever failing the original model which made the notoriety of the mark.

So, ready to succumb to the trend String?

Read the article on String Furniture Shelves

Favorite for the wall shelf String Pocket

The sober and minimalist design of the String Pocket wall shelf makes it a must-have in the matter, all at a very affordable cost and with a disconcerting simplicity of assembly.

This mini version offers, in the same way as the original model, many variations of sizes and colors, all in a reduced format but equally functional in terms of storage capacity.

  • Note: The String Pocket shelf attachment system allows the height of the shelves to be adjusted as required.

5. Wood and metal wall shelf

wood and metal wall shelf

The association of metal and wood offers several renderings in furniture, ranging from contemporary to vintage to industrial.

  • Why choose a wall shelf in metal and wood?

For not having to choose between design, solidity and style, which you will find united in the same piece of furniture, to the delight of your walls!

Favorite for the wall shelf 7 Louison

Perine Long and Mina Tahhar of the brand new furniture Gassien, imagined a concept of wall shelf aerial and all in finesse.

Consisting of a mild steel base with an epoxy finish and a set of solid oak shelves, the Louison 7 wall shelf jugs with design, elegance and sturdiness.

  • Note: the design and the quality have a price but the game is worth the candle in view of this exceptional piece.

6. Rattan Shelf

rattan wardrobe

Vintage, a rattan wall shelf symbolizes the decoration of the 60s and 70s, during which this natural matter has been a real craze.

It can evoke lightness but is nonetheless robust and is an ally of choice in any room of the house.

  • Note: Decorative plants have more wind than ever and a rattan shelf will have the gift of sublimating them.

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KOK Rattan Wall Shelf

KOK is a quality house specializing in rattan since 1920 and has especially reissued for La Redoute this wall shelf according to the original lines.

An aerial design for this accessory of choice at very low price, which will find as well its place in a room, a stay, a kitchen, an office or a bathroom.

7. Wall shelf with drawer

wall shelf with drawer

Sometimes the wall shelf uses the most practical accessories, which also emphasize the style.

This is the case with wall shelves with a drawer, which can be both aesthetic and functional.

Favorite for the wall shelf Reza

This is the case of the Reza wall shelf by La Redoute Interiors, with a minimalist design and the ash drawer creates a sublime contrast with the black metal structure.

Design and practical, this wall shelf is able to shelter many things, inside and outside.