Month: May 2017

Test Pixter Or How To Take Pro Pictures With His Smartphone?

We are often asked how to take pictures on a trip very easily with his smartphone without taking away a myriad of objectives often imposing and heavy with oneself. You suspect that through our job as a travel blogger, we are constantly looking for new products that can facilitate our lives and therefore also yours. And we found quality goals and made a Pixter test !

Today we test a Pixter pack of 4 low cost pro lenses and a flexible tripod with its BlueTooth remote control . We really liked this brand because their products are easy to use. That’s why we decided to share this Pixter test which is reallygood plan on our blog trip OneDayOneTravel.

We organize a contest to win you the objective for smartphone Pixter of your choice!

To participate and try to win this wonderful gift, it’s easy. Just leave a comment at the bottom of this article telling us what is your favorite goal among all those offered by Pixter. Do not forget to mention your name, first name and e-mail when you post your comment so that we can contact you in case you win the prize. The competition is open from Monday 19 June to Friday 23 June 2017 (10am). The prize draw and winner announcement will take place on Friday, June 23rd at 12:00 pm on Snapchat (id: onedayonetravel ). The name of the winner will then be announced in comment of this article and it will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Good luck to everyone !

In short, Pixter lenses will allow you to push the boundaries of your mobile phone . You will see, it is the ideal solution when looking to travel light with only camera its smartphone. And for a very good quality / price ratio in addition! This is the Pixter test.

Test Pixter or how to take pro pictures with his smartphone?

1. What are the main benefits of Pixter lenses? How it works ? How much does it cost ?

The main advantages of Pixter lenses are that they are miniature and very easy to use. To fix the lens to the smartphone, simply use the clip supplied with the lens and it is ready . They weigh more or less 30 grams each and hold largely in a pocket.

When you see the result of the pictures taken with the various objectives of the pack pro, one is amazed by this first test Pixter.

Offered individually or in packs , you will recover the different objectives for smartphone and relative prices on the website of Pixter but thou shalt quickly account you that the quality / price of products is unbeatable. Indeed, for less than 50 euros , you have a nice objective quality easy to take in hand more. The Pixter packs are obviously more advantageous.

Pixter offers 8 products , either singly or in pack (starter or pro).

We opted for a pro pack at 149.90 euros instead of 199.60 euros including: 4 Pixter clips, 4 lenses (Super Fisheye, Wide Angle Pro, Macro Pro and Telephoto) with 4 maintenance wipes , 4 objective covers and 4 small transport covers.

  • There is also the Starter pack at 49.90 euros instead of 89.70 euros.
  • There is also the pack traveler, freestyleur and macro lover.

Side delivery , nothing to say. We were pleasantly surprised to receive a package, containing not only the desired Pack but with photos, candies, stickers, a handwritten note and a badge. Friendly!

2. The great Pixter test

We tested the Pro Pack with an Iphone 6+ .

2.1. Super Fisheye Pixter Test

We are in early June. Installed at table by the sea in sandy Bermuda while enjoying a sublime sunset, we could not help but launch a new Pixter test with the Super Fisheye lens .

For the anecdote, while we take this picture, the couple installed at the table beside also takes pictures souvenirs with the same material. We see more and more tourists using it during their holidays. It must be admitted that it is so practical that we are not so surprised to see the success of these products . The Super Fisheye lens, like all the others in the Pixter range, holds in a pocket or small bag. They know how to be discreet while bringing infinite possibilities of creation .

On the technical side, the Super Fisheye lens has a field angle of 235 degrees and is armed with a focal length of 11.2 mm. It weighs only 34 grams. The pictures speak for themselves during this Pixter test. The rendering is just super nice.

Same thing in New York where we stopped a few hours before joining Bermuda. Look at what Times Square looks like with a simple smartphone and the distortion characteristic of the Pixter Super Fisheye lens. Thanks to its wide-angle field , it feels like being there, you do not find it?