Month: January 2018

Rick Casper offers vital tips about diamond trading business

Diamond has always been associated with good luck as it is often considered to bring health, wealth, and protection against most of the evils that can take place. When it comes to the business of diamond, it is said that diamond business can be classified into a number of groups which include miners and producers, cutters and polishers, jewelry manufacturers and retailers.

Rick Casper talks about diamond business in detail

The diamond trading business nowadays has become quite vast as both traditional and online traders exist. The diamond sellers and dealers are considered to be the most important part of the diamond trading business.

Rick Casper being a professional diamond gemologist offers some important tips for the diamond sellers and dealers which are mentioned below:

  • From the point of view of the seller, Rick says that it is the responsibility of the seller to offer the buyer a high, realistic price prior to setting the meeting or negotiation. Of course, this requires an intimate knowledge of the factors that influence diamond prices, such as the diamond’s quality, as this is typically the first thing a buyer will consider.
  • Another important thing that the diamond seller must consider is the current market conditions.
  • The diamond seller, who has a sound diamond trading history and have optimistic ratings on a diamond trading network, can offer them an advantage over other diamond traders when making a transaction. A seller can make good reputation by delivering products on time, being receptive, being truthful about the diamond and offering a reasonable price.

As Rick rightly says that the role of the diamond dealer is perhaps the most challenging part in the diamond business as the dealer is often regarded as the eventual negotiator who needs to take care of the buyer on behalf of the benefit of the possessor of the diamonds. The dealer also needs to deal with the claims of the buyer and thus they should have knowledge about the real-time market intelligence.

In the past diamond sales has been done largely through specialized stores but now there are a number of department stores as well who are into the diamond business.  In fact Rick Casper says that internet sales have grown to a vast extent and have been a big help in introducing more transparent pricing. When it comes to the price of diamond, the price of the bigger, higher-quality diamonds have certainly risen, but prices for smaller, more commercial stones have remained comparatively flat or increased only discreetly.

Rick says that diamonds can be bought for a much lesser price and thus there is a lot of wealth that can be made in this business of diamond. Prior to getting into the business of diamond trading one will need to ensure that they can deal with the diamonds and with the buyer as well as the market is large and there are huge possibilities of making mistakes, so one needs to be careful.

Budgeting Tips for an Awesome Wedding

You don’t have to break the bank to have a memorable day.

The average cost of a wedding has been spiraling over the past decade and now sits somewhere around $35,000. For many people that’s a frighteningly large number and one that can make a serious dent in carefully acquired savings. Most venues, caterers, performers and cake makers will instantly double or triple their prices as soon as they hear the word “wedding.” So how do you have a wonderful wedding without spending a fortune?

Find an unusual venue

Traditional wedding venues are pricey and this is often one of the most significant costs in a wedding budget. More unusual venues offer the chance to pay less, as well as have a much more memorable setting for your nuptials. From your old high school, through to a friend’s field be creative when you’re researching venues and find somewhere that means something and costs less.

Spend what you have, not what you wish you had

Getting into debt for your wedding can leave a very sour taste in the mouth, especially if you take out high interest loans for people with bad credit such as no credit check loans. And, as finances are one of the main reasons that couples argue and split, is that kind of pressure really worth it as newlyweds? Create your budget early on in the wedding planning process and make sure it’s realistic. What can you actually afford, right now without borrowing or saving more? A wedding day should be wonderful and memorable but avoid the unrealistic “best day of your life” way of thinking, as this can lead to some very reckless spending.

Get your family and friends involved

Some of the best weddings are often those where people important to the bride and groom have contributed to the big day in a big way. So, perhaps your mother in law has made all the bunting, your sister has created a wedding cake and your best friend made the invites. Maybe the Best Man’s cousin does the photos and the musicians are all friends from university. Not only can you save a lot of money by doing things this way but you’ll find that suddenly all the little details mean a lot more too.

Pick the right day

You can save up to 50% on the cost of a wedding just by choosing the right day. A summer wedding on a Saturday is likely to be the most expensive option but if you go for a Monday in June or a Saturday in October then the prices drop significantly. Be savvy about your timing – why pay more for the exact same florist, venue, caterers or photographers just to have the wedding in a particular season?

Curb the guestlist

It is often the size of the guestlist that ends up sending the cost of a wedding sky high. So, be smart when you’re making choices about who to invite and stick to the people you’re really close to. Extended family you’ve never met or friends that you haven’t seen in years shouldn’t make the cut if you’re going for a wedding on a budget.

5 cheap ways to improve your home

You don’t have to spend big to add value.

When we think of home improvements it’s often wistfully wishing for new kitchens or a loft conversion, perhaps even an extension. However, these are also the most expensive options when it comes to spending on your property – and they don’t always add the most value in terms of sale potential either. When you’re planning improvements it’s always important to strike a balance between those that will make your life better and those that will add value so before you go rushing out to find guarantor loans to fund your home improvements remember that they don’t have to cost a fortune.

  1. Repaint

Paint is one of the cheapest ways to give rooms a new lease of life – but also one of the most effective. Fresh, white walls can make a room feel brand new, whether you’re planning to live or work in it or you’re looking to attract a buyer. Be wary of ultra bold colours or very dark shades, as the reality is that these rarely work, especially in smaller properties. If you’re determined to incorporate a plum or navy blue, start first with a single statement wall and see how that works.

  1. Upgrade your bathroom

A new bathroom will carve thousands out of your savings but you can upgrade your current bathroom with far less. It’s the details that make the difference here, such as a new toilet seat and taps. Replace cracked tiles, redo the grouting and remove any old or tired bathmats, shower curtains or mirrors and replace with something new.

  1. Add storage

Clever storage is in plentiful supply these days so, no matter what the size and shape of your home, you’ll find options for smarter storage solutions. Choose storage that works with the unused areas of your home – under the stairs, for example, or in those corners that are too small or awkward for wardrobes or beds. There are multiple benefits to adding storage in this way. Not only will you be able to make better use of the space you have but you’ll have no excuse not to clear up and declutter too. 

  1. Tackle the carpets

Just like the walls, a new approach to the floors in your home can also be a breath of fresh air. Steam cleaning carpets can be super cheap, especially if you hire the steamer and do it yourself, but the difference it makes is significant. If you have rugs that have seen better days then replace them. And if it’s sale time, or you’ve found a decent discounter, you could even look into replacing the carpets in key areas such as the main living space or bedrooms.

  1. Add value at the entrance

Whether you’re appealing to buyers or looking to be more house-proud, the front door is a key part of it. A fresh coat of paint and replacing knockers and numbers can have a big impact on that all important first impression. If you have a front garden then a little bit of landscaping can make all the difference. And don’t forget to clean windows and replace doormats for the ultimate fresh finish.

Sweetest Day of the Year – Chocolate Day

Just like a kid waits for the summer vacation, just like a working professional waits for the salary day, just like a patient in hospital waits for the discharge, just like a expecting mother waits for the delivery, just like an old person in old age home waits for a call from his children, just like a soldier waits for the war to end in the same way a couple in love wait for this week to come year after year. What week are we talking about? Yes, it is the Valentine week.

It is not that the couple doesn’t love each other rest of the year, or that the love for each other increases manifolds during the week. It is just that the expression of love is much sweeter in this week.

Valentines Week

The week spans over 8 days, yes the love made it a week which is one day longer than the normal week. Days celebrated in the order are:

  • Rose Day – Feb 7
  • Propose Day – Feb 8
  • Chocolate Day – Feb 9
  • Teddy Day – Feb 10
  • Promise Day – Feb 11
  • Hug Day – Feb 12
  • Kiss Day – Feb 13
  • Valentine Day – Feb 14

Although all the days are special but sweetest them all is The Chocolate Day, literally.

Ritual of Chocolate Day

The ritual says the couple give each other chocolates as a Chocolate Day gift. But, as the time progressed, the forms of these gifts changed. Now, Chocolate Day gifts range from a chocolate to Box of chocolates, assorted chocolate packs, chocolates in various shapes, last year one of my friends gifted her fiancé a 4 feet tall 3 feet wide teddy made of chocolate. Yes, it just needs to tickle your imagination to make the day a bit more sweeter.

Meanwhile, Chocolate day gifts also vary with the type of chocolates you choose, and there are plenty to choose from. There is unsweetened chocolate, bittersweet chocolate (commonly known as dark chocolate), semisweet chocolate, milk chocolate, sweet baking chocolate, white chocolate, Mexican chocolate.

Innovation is the Key

Add a bit of innovation and craziness to the chocolate and it will add a spark to your day. Some of the ideas in probably increasing order of craziness are as follows:

  • You can try baking a chocolate cake for your love to show you care
  • You can make Captain Morgan’s chocolate, for uninitiated it is alcoholic candy with Captain Morgan’s rum as the key ingredient.
  • You can try making Irish Whisky Chocolate truffle
  • If you are still want to experiment some more, and are ready to make it more crazy well, then the basic unit of chocolate cocoa can be brought into play. You can indulge with your love in some chocolate in the air fest.
  • Caution: the craziness gets wild. People with faint and not so romantic heart should probably give this a miss. For the wild couples out there, get your melting pots out and melt some chocolate this Chocolate Day. Rest I’ll leave to your wild imagination how to make best use of the molten chocolate and the presence of your love.

We hope we would have added some fuel to your imagination. So, what are you waiting for. Order to send gifts and give way to the age old simplistic manner of gifting a pack of chocolates and this Chocolate Day gift your love something unique, and see the magic happening around.