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How To Increase Your Average Basket?


OPTIMIZING THE PURCHASE PATH The shopping route is a well-known notion of e-commerce site publishers but unfortunately not well-known to physical store managers. And yet, as the mass merchandisers have clearly understood, the shopping route is crucial in the middle basket. The route of purchase is the route that the consumer must […]

7 Tracks To Bring In Turnover

Tracks Bring In Turnover

Business prospecting, sales speech in the US, listening to the customer … More than ever, companies need professional sales people. Seven new tracks for your teams to improve productivity. “The time has come for teams to be tightened and to return to basic techniques. Salesmen have less time and resources to […]

6 Tracks To Boost Your Turnover

Boost Your Turnover

1. PROSPECT NEW CUSTOMERS: Do not stay on track, always keep looking for new customers. Different means are possible, according to your means, your ambitions: Commercial documents (letterhead, business card , greeting card, …) Advertising ( on your car , on leaflets, on the Internet, personalized mail, …) Network (friends, banker, customers, suppliers, internet, …) […]

Cheap Flight Tickets: Bravofly

Cheap Flight Tickets: Bravofly

We regularly reserve flight tickets on the internet using a flight search engine . As you know, there are a myriad of sites available on the web. The Bravofly website is one of the flight comparators that we regularly use  to find the best flight prices . We tell you why and give you our tips and advice on how to use this comparator […]