Budgeting Tips for an Awesome Wedding

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You don’t have to break the bank to have a memorable day.

The average cost of a wedding has been spiraling over the past decade and now sits somewhere around $35,000. For many people that’s a frighteningly large number and one that can make a serious dent in carefully acquired savings. Most venues, caterers, performers and cake makers will instantly double or triple their prices as soon as they hear the word “wedding.” So how do you have a wonderful wedding without spending a fortune?

Find an unusual venue

Traditional wedding venues are pricey and this is often one of the most significant costs in a wedding budget. More unusual venues offer the chance to pay less, as well as have a much more memorable setting for your nuptials. From your old high school, through to a friend’s field be creative when you’re researching venues and find somewhere that means something and costs less.

Spend what you have, not what you wish you had

Getting into debt for your wedding can leave a very sour taste in the mouth, especially if you take out high interest loans for people with bad credit such as no credit check loans. And, as finances are one of the main reasons that couples argue and split, is that kind of pressure really worth it as newlyweds? Create your budget early on in the wedding planning process and make sure it’s realistic. What can you actually afford, right now without borrowing or saving more? A wedding day should be wonderful and memorable but avoid the unrealistic “best day of your life” way of thinking, as this can lead to some very reckless spending.

Get your family and friends involved

Some of the best weddings are often those where people important to the bride and groom have contributed to the big day in a big way. So, perhaps your mother in law has made all the bunting, your sister has created a wedding cake and your best friend made the invites. Maybe the Best Man’s cousin does the photos and the musicians are all friends from university. Not only can you save a lot of money by doing things this way but you’ll find that suddenly all the little details mean a lot more too.

Pick the right day

You can save up to 50% on the cost of a wedding just by choosing the right day. A summer wedding on a Saturday is likely to be the most expensive option but if you go for a Monday in June or a Saturday in October then the prices drop significantly. Be savvy about your timing – why pay more for the exact same florist, venue, caterers or photographers just to have the wedding in a particular season?

Curb the guestlist

It is often the size of the guestlist that ends up sending the cost of a wedding sky high. So, be smart when you’re making choices about who to invite and stick to the people you’re really close to. Extended family you’ve never met or friends that you haven’t seen in years shouldn’t make the cut if you’re going for a wedding on a budget.

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