Camu Camu: A Natural Tonic!

A Natural Tonic

This shrub native to the Amazonian forest belongs to the Myrtaceae family, the same family as guava or myrtle. Little known on our continent, this small shrub delivers fruits resembling plums or big currants, much used in the Peruvian cuisine. Consumed raw, it has a very acid taste. Other forms (powder, capsules) have developed to easily enjoy its benefits.

This super-food gain to be known, especially during the changes of season when it gives a boost to the body!

An excellent toner!

This fruit is considered the richest in natural vitamin C: it contains 40 times more than orange or kiwi! Thus, if the orange contains 60 mg of vitamin C per 100 g of pulp and kiwi 80, camu-camu contains 2400 to 3000 mg.

It also contains vitamins of group B (B1, B2 and B3) and vitamin E. Iron, phosphorus, calcium and potassium as well as essential amino acids are also present.

Its composition gives it toning and antioxidant effects. It helps fight fatigue and stimulates the immune system, helping the body to develop its natural defenses.

How to take it?

The camu-camu is in powder form , swallowed in a tablespoon or sprinkled on the dishes.

The camu-camu of Guayapi is a wild harvest and traditionally harvested by the tribe of the Shipibos Indians in the Ucayali region of Peru. Guayapi has the particularity of having developed exceptional partnerships with different tribes of Amazonia and South America. The company values ​​the noble and traditional plants of these regions such as warana and camu-camu.

It is also available in capsules .

Gourmet Spirulina has associated spirulina and camu-camu in the form of tablets (70% / 30%) or powder . Its cold grinding process makes it possible to preserve the properties of these super-foods.

Organic Spirulina, called blue algae because of its pigment phycocyanin, is concentrated in iron, vitamin B12, vitamin E, beta-carotene, proteins, minerals and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus or magnesium. The association with the camu-camu makes it possible to take at the same time vitamin C, which also promotes the assimilation of iron.

Thanks to the creation of Gourmet Spirulina (70% organic spirulina and 30% Camu Camu bio), we obtain more than 50% of daily vitamin C intake, more than 20% in vitamin K and easily assimilable iron with no side effects, Beta carotene or vitamin B12.

The camu-camu, alone or associated, is a very good ally during the cooling periods to help fight the first fall aggressions and boost its immune system!

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