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Sandy Petrocelli- Tips To Open Your Own Business With The Right Business Plan!

When it comes to opening your own business, it is very important for you to do some research and studies. The first thing that you must take into consideration is your niche. You should have a specific area of interest if you really wish to start your own business. If you have a specific area of interest, you do not have to feel like you are working. This also makes you passionate about your efforts for business development and this is why you effectively can get the best when it comes to progress and development of your company.

Sandy Petrocelli- easy tips to start your own business and be successful in the long run

Sandy Petrocelli is a marketing student in the USA and he says that when it comes to opening your own business, the first thing that you should create is a business plan. You must devise a business plan that will give you a pathway and direction to your business. He says that when it comes to your business, it is very important for you to break down common goals. With the aid of this you can easily get your new business into order. Moreover, your business will become more manageable.

Create a one-page business plan with research and time

When it comes to your business, it is very important for you to create a one-plan business plan. This will help you in a large way to define the mission and the objectives of your business better. The following factors should be considered when you are creating your one-page business page-

  1. What is your vision for the company?
  2. Define the mission for your company
  3. What are your objectives for the company?
  4. Create an outline for your basic strategies
  5. Draft a simple action plan

The above are just some of the important points that you should focus on when you are about to open a new business. It is crucial for you to ensure that you keep a copy of this business plan near you all the time so that you can make the desired changes to it as and when required. When it comes to your business plan, it is crucial for you to take time to write it down. This means it might take weeks and months for you to draft the appropriate business plans for your needs. In case, you need help you might approach a skilled and qualified business consultant who will help you when it comes to the creation of a good business plan for your news company.

Therefore, Sandy Petrocelli says that when you are planning a new business and a brand new venture, it is very important for you to create a business plan that helps you in a large way to get clarity and direction when it comes to the establishment of your business. With the right business plan, you effectively are able to start off professionally and gradually develop your business with the passage of time too!

Soar Ahead In The Market Competition With Idea Management Organization Tools

In near future, experts predict the manner in which businesses discover, nurture and execute new ideas that lead to creation of new innovative products will determine their performance in the marketplace. This is the reason why it is necessary for these organizationsto tap into the creative talents of the members of their workforce. Moreover, the people in charge of managing these establishments have to channelize thecreative energy of these employees in find solutions to key issues they face while carrying out their activities in this environment. This is the only way these organizations can increase their bottom-line profits.

Idea management organization tools – How can they help organizations gain the competitive edge?

These experts go on to explain that unlike traditional suggestion boxes, ultra-modernidea management tools tend to generate more enthusiasm among the employees whenever idea generation campaign take place. Due to this, there is a substantial increase in the quantity and quality of ideas these workers submit regarding the probable solutions to the issues the establishments they work for face while conducting their activities. They further point out the following reasons why businesses of all sizes should make effective use of idea management tools:

  1. Channelizing the creative talents of the employees towards attaining organizational goals

Studies shows that when businesses take the initiative to request theiremployees to offer their suggestions on how to overcome the specific issues they face, they notice a significant increase in quality of ideas. This indicate these workers want to do their bit to improve the efficiency and productivity of the organizations they work for. With the  effective use of idea management organization tools, it is possible to achieve this objective.

  1. Gathers suggestions from all departments

Unlike the suggestion box system, the effective use of idea management tools helps businesses collect creative ideas from members of their workforce working in various departments. Previously, only employees working in specific department such as sales, R&D, finance and marketing would take part in such an exercise.

  1. Promotes transparency

When the top managerial personnel of corporate enterprise carry out idea campaigns by implementing effective idea management tools, employees can witness the outcome of the suggestions they submit. This goes a long way on boosting their enthusiasm for such exercise. Moreover, this database-driven mechanism also simplifies the work of people responsible managing the organization toevaluatethe effect of implementing a particular idea on the bottom-line profits.

  1. Helps organizations marketinnovative products faster

Idea management tools enable businesses to capitalize on the best suggestions their employees submit and subsequently implement them to create new innovative products that they can launch in the market. In fact, such tools go a long way in streamlining the process of evaluating new ideas and choosing the best ones for execution.

Businesses need to realize that they time has to come to utilize the creative talents of their employees if they want to gain the competitive edge in the market. Idea management organization tools can help these organizations achieve this objective by streamliningthe process of evaluating the ideas they submit and implementing them. Only then can these establishments see a significant increase in their bottom line revenue

How To Increase Your Average Basket?


The shopping route is a well-known notion of e-commerce site publishers but unfortunately not well-known to physical store managers. And yet, as the mass merchandisers have clearly understood, the shopping route is crucial in the middle basket.

The route of purchase is the route that the consumer must maketo arrive in cash. Have you noticed that in large areas, boxes are always located opposite the entrance area? In the franchised outlets, this route is circularly directed by the shelves: the box is always located to the left of the entrance. Why ? Because statistically, customers will enter and leave to the right immediately. They are then guided by rays to go gradually towards the exit, to the left of the entrance. Ikea, Leroy Merlin and many other brands have even gone further by formalizing this course in a playful way.

With this easy-to-use device, you bring consumers, whether they are strollers or they know precisely what they want, to get to know your different products. In addition, you give your strength to your heads of gondolas since you are almost sure that customers will pass in front.

Note  : always allow the customer to take shortcuts to arrive in cash. For the hurried client who is forced to go through the entire store to arrive at the checkout may not like the strategy and may not come back.


In the same way, everyone knows the method used by supermarkets and pharmacies but few exploit it: put near the boxes of inexpensive and attractive products, ideal for compulsive purchase. This method can be transposed to smaller points of sale. Indeed, many national brands already use it.

Here is the classic scenario: one patient in box, in the tail, then one locates the small display of cheap jewelry cheap, boxer shorts, food supplements, etc. We take one and then we add it to the basket, the air of nothing. One customer, then two, then 20 in the month. Your average ticket has just increased.


In a slightly different logic, cross-selling expensive e-commerce has its place in the physical shops! You arrive in cash and the seller offers you a complementary product adapted to your purchase.

For example :

  • A clothing store: offer ties, leggings, gloves / scarves in winter
  • A shoe store: offer soles, polishes, shoe-boards, etc.
  • An organic food store: offer goji seeds, squash seeds, organic products, etc.
  • Etc.

You can decline to infinity. The principle is simple: in the image of compulsive purchase, the proposed product must be inexpensive to facilitate the purchase decision . Unlike the compulsive act, the proposed product must really be complementary; it must add value to the initial purchase.


The kit, the pack, the ready-to-use, the “turnkey”: these are solutions that can allow you to easily increase your average basket. Because the client generally likes to make life easier. In addition, if you compose your own packs, you will offer the image of a company that has mastered its products and is able to create customized offers … but packaged. The principle: instead of selling a product, you sell several that go together. This is a corollary of the additional / complementary sale.

7 Tracks To Bring In Turnover

Business prospecting, sales speech in the US, listening to the customer … More than ever, companies need professional sales people. Seven new tracks for your teams to improve productivity.

“The time has come for teams to be tightened and to return to basic techniques. Salesmen have less time and resources to make more sales.”
The diagnosis is shared by many sales force trainers. Tumultuous economic conditions, exacerbated competition in almost all sectors.
The icing on the cake, competition can also come from elsewhere. “Yesterday, Cartier was fighting with other luxury watchmakers, and today he is facing every brand of luxury that brings a watch,” observes Olivier Dardelin, president of Dardelin Conseils.
The motorway restaurants are attacked by tanker shops offering snacks. The SNCF competes with Air France … The classic media are poised the advertising windfall by the Internet media … In short, everyone overflows in the sector of the other. As a result, in 2008, there is no longer room for non-professional salespeople.
More than ever, companies must professionalize their sales teams. The organization, the methods, the tools and above all the men must be more prosperous than ever.

The expert’s opinion, Olivier Dardelin, president of Dardelin Conseils, training guru“Make your sales experts expert” 

In the commercial population, there are four types of people.
The “arrogant” : poorly performing technically and humanly, they do not update their databases. They play the jaded.
Professionalize them urgently!
The “workers” : they only swear by the processes, ensure 30 appointments a week, send 15 quotes, collect 5 contracts. But they do not know how to take advantage of opportunities or adapt to situations. Teach them to understand the needs of the client.
The “chic types” : they have an excellent relational, make “blows” but their performances are irregular. They act instinctively and mock procedures.
You will have to convince them that they are not meant to be involved in them or to investigate them but that they will help them.
The “experts” : they combine all the talents. In 70% of cases, they know how to apply proven procedures to sell. But they also know how to adapt to non-reproducible situations.

Prospecting: Do More Upstream Marketing

Direct prospecting works less and less with large accounts, which buy eight times out of ten per recommendation. Before marketing, the sales teams will have to do upstream marketing: enter networks, public relations … The sales person (sales manager, manager, sales manager and even boss) must go upstream to potential tenderers when there is a call for tenders.

Business proposal: write better! 

“Given the number of misspellings found in commercial proposals, the margin of commercial productivity is still very broad,” says a famous sales techniques trainer. “The commercial proposal counts for 35% in the decision to work or not with a supplier, reminds Olivier Dardelin, head of Dardelin Conseils, and must therefore be striking, simple and effective as a good article of journalist. A discipline of sales is developing, the “proposal management”, which teaches the art of developing sales proposals.

Sales speech: professionalize in the American style 

“You should not be afraid to be directive if you have salesmen delivered to themselves that stammer their arguments and improvise,” advocates Xavier Auzouy, president of XA Conseils. In some cases where the method of sale is still too approximate, it does not hesitate to recommend to the sales managers to develop highly structured phrases and sales speech, to be applied to the comma. School? No. “Learned by heart does not mean stupidly recited!”

Customer Care: Listen More to Win More 

Basico-basic, the insufficiency or lack of listening to the client still explains the mediocre or calamitous performance of many sellers. Basic training or a booster sting may be required. History of refreshing a know-how worn by the habit. Former of commercial and magician, Frédéric Lincker uses the magic for a ludico-pedagogical purpose. “At Bouygues, I realize a turn of cards in front of salespeople who must note what they have seen: no one sees the same thing! They become aware that their listening is filtered by their emotions, their beliefs and their professional experience. ” Beliefs limit salespeople in the client’s questioning and understanding of one’s motivations. The arrogant salesperson believes he knows what the customer wants.

Price: defend your rates by scaring the customer!

Too many sellers still let go of the price too easily. Xavier Auzouy suggests to “flank the funk to the customer”. In finesse of course: making the decision to buy complex, showing the hidden costs of a much cheaper competing solution, the risk of privileging price on quality. “Increase the risk of a less expensive solution, talk about new environmental standards … Even for unmarked products, it works!”

Motivation: prefer pleasure to pay

“Increasing the salary does not motivate more, it is a factor of hygiene. What motivates a seller is a premium, because it is unexpected,” explains Frédéric Lincker, Linsell Consultants. Morality: to distinguish what is satisfactory (a good salary, a good car …) from what is motivating (unexpected therefore enthralling). Xavier Auzouy, author of Control and motivate your sales force (The Genius of the glaciers editor), puts the nail in the limelight: “Actions that provide satisfaction do not run faster, but a motivating action generates a more intense pleasure and a desire to progress. ” To meditate during budgetary arbitrations.

Management: train your teams to think differently 

Many salespeople have their nose in the handlebars and easily reproduce the same error scenarios! “You have to know how to take a step aside to see better,” says Olivier Dardelin, who trains large sales teams at Air France or at Vuitton. The commercials of the luxury porter have gone to spend a stay in a luxury hotel in Portugal to observe the customer service in the hotel and to take inspiration from what works in order to transpose it in their shops. To be a good salesperson, one must not only reason commercially. An excellent seller also knows how to think … like a buyer!

Cemex trains its sales managers and harmonizes its procedures to increase productivity

“Our trade policy is national, but our practices and procedures in our 17 agencies suffered from being too disparate from one agency and from one sector to another.” Pierre Laplante, CEO of Cemex France (cement manufacturer), has undertaken to harmonize them to improve the company’s commercial productivity.
The means: an extensive training program for sellers and sales managers.
> Organization. “We had branch managers and sector heads below who were both responsible for the geographic area for the commercial part and for the production part, we re-specialized the sales force: occupy only of the sale. “

Cemex United StatesActivity: concretes and aggregates
Location: Rungis (94)
Number of employees: 2,200 people,
140 sales in 17 branches
Sales: 980 million euros

> Sales methods. 
Cemex has put in place commercial methods adapted to its business lines and, above all, generic in order to stick to its national policy: “We have called on Frédéric Lincker (Linsell consultants), an outside trainer,
to start with basic sales techniques and as he was good with the teams, we kept him. ”
> Management of sales forces. The sales organization also suffered from a lack of management of sales managers.
“Frédéric Lincker has set up a management plan for us.”
For example, Cemex sales managers have to conduct a number of interviews with their troops. “Before, some did not even realize!”
> Follow-up.For example, the weekly interview with the salesperson was geared towards more coaching. And the tools homogenized: number of visits of the sales people per week, weekly planning …
The first results are felt.
“At my level, I can now access all the order books, but that’s not the point.” When I meet the field salespeople, there is a lot of membership. ‘improvement.” Work in progress …

The place of the training relies on a commando structure and capitalizes on its good practices

When he launched Place de la formation in 2006, Jérôme Lesage immediately opted for a customer-oriented organization. From the first exercise, it has won 70 clients, half of which are major accounts.
> Organization. “We prefer an organization in a profit center or mission rather than an organization where the salesperson would be dissociated from production. Altran’s model, the famous IT services company organized into operational subsidiaries.
> Motivation. “Salespeople operate with two engines, money and fun.” Jérôme Lesage takes care of the working climate and the remuneration of his sales team:
he offers a small fixed salary and a large variable. Once the employee is “profitable”

Training PlaceActivity: broker in vocational training
Location: Paris
Staff: a telesales cell of 10 sales and 2 commercial sales
Turnover: 260,000 euros on the first fiscal year

The commission is uncapped, which is very stimulating. But the company also pays the efforts of the salespersons (whether the number of contacts taken or the number of proposals) to persuade them even if the work does not “pay” yet. “The more you increase the means and the efforts up, the more you get from the business down,” explains Jerome Lesage. On the pleasure side, the job offers variety and the working atmosphere cultivates enthusiasm and information sharing. “There are never silly ideas here, it’s important to feed this logic of pleasure.”
> Methods.Place de la Formation, a young little-known company, established in the 9th arrondissement of the capital, was able to sign with Bolloré, Club Med, Toyota, Stade de France, Vivendi or Total, more accustomed to dealing with Cegos or with Demos. To conquer these big accounts, nothing like a physical encounter. From 50,000 euros in business, it is the field salespeople who take over the telemarketers, or even Céline Berlizon, the sales manager, or even the founder, who is a former salesman.
“I moved to sign Renault!” He says.
> Feedback.Place de la Formation meets in a seminar to give feedback every two or three months. “We debrief and capitalize on our best experiences.” Thus was drafted an internal Bible answers to bring to the most frequent objections of clients. Bible permanently enriched.

Potel and Chabot establishes commercial management standards

In a hyper-competitive market, Potel and Chabot are facing competition from other caterers (Lenôtre), but also from reception venues, hotels and restaurants.
After meeting the most obvious needs of commercial training, Potel and Chabot are currently training their commercial managers to become real business unit managers.
“The main lines of our processes were respected but everyone had their own … personal adaptation!” Everyone made his sauce in his corner, but we need sales managers who know how to manage their teams.
To arm its sales force, Christophe Renard, director of the reception department, decided to set up commercial management standards.

Potel and ChabotActivity: high-end caterer
Location: Paris
Employees: 60 sales
Turnover: 94 million euros

> Organization. The technicians of the famous caterer installed in Paris since 1820 are organized in pools of three people, one customer manager and two project managers. They do not just sell: according to the client’s brief, they design proposals in accordance with the predefined budget framework, identify sites, negotiate, carry out test lunches, manage the various logistical agents, are present on the day of receipt and establish billing.
> Development of standards.With the help of an outside firm, Dardelin Conseils, Potel and Chabot has defined management standards for business management, about fifteen people. “Some, very daddy hens, were too fond of their subordinates, others left them a little too much autonomy!” Client managers have integrated these standards during real-life coaching sessions with their collaborators and the consultant trainer.
> Sharing information. Dior’s 60th anniversary, the inauguration of the Vuitton concept store on the Champs-Elysées … Experienced salespeople have a privileged relationship with exceptional people with a particular need. These star sellers must learn to share their experience and know-how to enrich their employees.
. “We want to avoid the supermarket scheme that works with an assistant and a sales secretary. Each member of the team must be invested in managing the client portfolio.” Potel and Chabot ‘s customer managers learn to delegate tasks to their employees.
This motivates and empowers them and ultimately creates an overall dynamic … good for commercial productivity!

6 Tracks To Boost Your Turnover


Do not stay on track, always keep looking for new customers. Different means are possible, according to your means, your ambitions:

  • Commercial documents (letterhead, business card , greeting card, …)
  • Advertising ( on your car , on leaflets, on the Internet, personalized mail, …)
  • Network (friends, banker, customers, suppliers, internet, …)

Local Correspondents specialized in the development of turnover can help you, contact us.


And why not sell your products to supermarkets?

It is possible by being referenced at home or by addressing works councils for example. A large customer can assure you a comfortable turnover.


Nothing beats a good salesperson to sell the products of a business.

Have you thought about doing the math? What would cost you a commercial compared to what it could bring you …’s small business partners, can help you do these calculations and help you hire a salesperson, contact us.


Today, opportunities are available for small businesses. Public subsidies have even been put in place to reduce the cost of prospecting.


A satisfied customer is a returning customer. To build customer loyalty it often does not take much, and above all it costs almost nothing …

  • Good interpersonal skills
  • 5 Tips to Keep Word of Mouth

If you need help, advice to build customer loyalty, or to set up commercial offers, one of our Local Correspondents will be able to help you: contact us.


There are platforms on the Internet that allow you to make press releases for free. Interesting example when you are launching a new product, or if you are doing a groundbreaking of premises, or just to talk about you.

For those who prefer more conventional supports, consider soliciting:

  • the local radio (for example, a baker will be able to deliver rolls to the team, so we will talk about it on the air … and it works with many other trades, florist, local products, tobacco,. ..)
  • the regional newspaper (for example, by offering an interview with one of your clients)
  • the edition (annual, monthly or quarterly) of the commune newspaper

The Right Marketing Reflexes To Increase Your Sales!

Here are  Good Marketing Reflexes Needed To Increase Your Sales!

These ideas are inspired by the books “Marketing for Dummies” and “Marketing kit for dummies” written by Alex Hiam .

I highly recommend reading these two books which are really a source of good ideas, even if you have been marketing for years. Indeed, these 2 books are really rich in good advice to increase your sales and retain your customers.

Rather than just reviewing these books, I will summarize the documents available for free download at

1- Never lose an opportunity to talk about your business!
Take advantage of all the opportunities (meals with friends, during your travels …), without drilling everyone with your stories of work, but telling funny anecdotes and preparing a  speech to present your company very quickly presentation of your company in 30 seconds chrono).

2- Book 10 minutes a day to do Marketing!
To see long term effects, your marketing efforts must be regular. You have to extract yourself from the urgency of daily life to prepare your future sales: referencing on the internet, reminding your biggest customers, loyalty, mailings … For that, as soon as you arrive at the office, do not throw yourself on your mailbox, but just listen to your answering machine, and check that there is no emergency. Then, take 10 minutes to implement some of your good resolutions (call each morning a big customer, post a message on your blog …).

3- Identify why your customers are buying your product and not your competitors!
You need to know your strength, your competitive advantage, the major benefit of your products …perceived by your customers , then you focus on that strength and put it more in value in all your marketing tools.

4- Concentrate on hot prospects!
When you have a lot of prospects requests (salons, after an emailing …) learn to detect hot prospects (those who will buy quickly) and cold prospects (who are only watching). You have to make a special case for cold prospects to spend the least amount of time with them, while keeping their contact details and re-launch them when you have more time to devote to them (eg “I have a documentation that will help you make your choice, look at it quietly at home and I remind you next Tuesday … “) .. And book a more complete argument (long demonstration …) for hot prospects.

5- Concentrate your efforts on 1 strategy ! Do not run several hares at once: focus on the force majeure of your company and make it your credo and your competitive advantage that you will put forward in all your marketing tools.

6- Add your business card in all your mails!
On your card you must show your product / service offerings, your competitive advantage and your contact details. Of course, it is also essential to have always your business cards (from 7 € 250 on!), And when you distribute them, always specify who your offer is for: do not say not “in case I give you my card”, but rather “if you know a business creator, you can give him my details, I will give him a price …”. Be careful, even if the business cards are not expensive, it is not a reason to distribute them on the fly: it is better to do qualitative and take his time to explain your offer and why it is so interesting …

7- Answer your prospects’ requests as soon as possible!
Experience shows that the faster you respond to a request for documentation, the more likely you are to conclude the sale. The delay of 48 hours after the first contact is the maximum that should be tolerated, otherwise it is one of your competitors who will take care of it or your prospect will have had time to see several offers and so he will allow time to compare the market offers.

8- Set up a customer database!
This is essential: your clients are your capital. You have to be able to make it grow by launching loyalty and extension operations to sell complementary products. But it should also serve you to monitor customer satisfaction.

9- Set up a community of customers!
Your best customers are your best ambassadors: you must allow them to regroup, share their experiences, communicate on your products … This can go via a forum on the internet, mornings of users, focus groups … Nevertheless attention, you must always master the communication made with this group (stay the central and essential animator), otherwise you risk losing control!

10- Retain your best customers!
You have to shift the price factor to the second rank in the process of choosing your customers. This of course involves additional services (paid or free), but also by creating a relationship with your customers.For example, you can regularly offer gifts to the best buyers of your products, in order to remain present in their minds.

11- Distribute as much documentation as possible at your JPOs and trade shows!
Attention, always prefer  quantity  to quality, if you have a limited budget! Better is a flyer with a strong offer distributed to hundreds of copies, than a big doc that will only be distributed to few people. Tip: if you are organizing an animation at a partner or a place of sale, always leave a little doc after you, even if it will be thrown in the week. Indeed, there are always people who miss this kind of animations and who spend the next day or the day after to ask for documentation.

Our Advice To Increase The Turnover Of Your Point Of Sale

When talking about franchising, it is important to focus on the steps of starting a business, and all the upheavals that are induced by becoming a franchisee. The choice of the concept, the assembly of the financial file, the search for a premises, the preparation of the point of sale for the opening … These are all important steps that build the basis of what the franchisee’s daily will be. After that ? How to grow this activity you’ve launched? How to increase the turnover of your franchise outlet? Here are our tips.

To increase turnover of a point of sale, the number of variables you can influence is important. However, the changes and the different interventions that you will carry out will be directed towards two main objectives: to increase the traffic at the point of sale and to increase the value of the average basket. And yes, to increase its turnover passes necessarily by an evolution of these two statistics.

Increase point-of-sale traffic and win new customers

Making your point of sale an important place of passage is essential if you plan to increase your turnover. How do you do it? Begin by identifying the types of clients who visit you.

The usual customers are your base, and have to be listened to in order for their loyalty to be extended over time. To avoid losing them, consider rewarding their loyalty with bonuses or cards. So that they feel important, do not hesitate also to probe them, to know their desires in terms of assortment (new products, withdrawal of certain references) and services (time slots, delivery system, take-away races) .

Occasional customers are more difficult to identify and by nature consume your products according to their own criteria. Do they come to your point of sale because they saw a promotional offer? Did they get a recommendation from a friend? Have they gone through total chance? Try to unravel the mystery and understand the reasons for their purchase, so that this one repeats itself. In a small store, a simple verbal exchange at the time of the sale or payment will have elements. Also use the questionnaire after purchase, and ask them a means of contact (e-mail, postal address, telephone) in order to add them to your base, to stimulate them a posteriori.

Potential customers are your greatest opportunity to conquer. Logically, the number of potential customers is much higher than your current base. To attract them, it is important to make you known. Targeted advertising, well thought-out event operations, but also communication on the web can help. Do not neglect your current clients who can serve as excellent ambassadors to those who do not know you.

Increase the average basket and make additional sales

Bringing more people to the point of sale is good. To sell them more products and thus increase the average ticket is even better. For your customers to slip into their basket ever more products, no choice, you have to act.

Expand the point of sale: if your premises are too small, the number of references proposed may be too low and prevent more purchases. The time to move has come. If you do not have the means to change local, then consider changing your furniture, with larger racks to increase the quota to reference meter. You will then feel like pushing the walls!

Modernize the place of sale: if it is not the size of the premises that is problematic, perhaps it is its development. Carrying out a restyling operation at the point of sale to bring more comfort to your customers, increases the turnover (sometimes by 10 to 15%). With the same logic as modernization, a relocation of a store (that is to say a better presentation of the offer) also brings its dose of change and generates an increase in turnover.

Rethink your product assortment: regularly, do not hesitate to remove product references that sell little, and to favor new products, especially if they have a good promotion (TV campaigns, posting, etc.). Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer, and verify that your point of sale offers several levels of price and quality for the same need. Also be sure to maintain a good stock availability, because there is nothing more frustrating than missing products in a department …

Develop your image as a specialist: do you possess real know-how in an area? Does your point of sale have a greater number and variety of references than competitors for a particular department? Capitalize on this image of specialist provided to have a real credibility (number of references, advice to customers).

Take care of the quality of your reception and services: the reception of the customer, the availability of employees, but also listening to the needs of consumers are essential. You already think of being a champion in these areas? So check it out by sending mystery shoppers who will be in charge of testing the quality of your point of sale. Sometimes, some surprises are waiting!

Increasing the turnover of its point of sale when operating duty-free requires efforts on the premises, the products, but also a whole range of areas much less concrete. Building a commercial success is above all a matter of testing, failure, numerous tests, in order to understand the data on which you can intervene for palpable results.