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Karnataka’s new mobile app “My job” and its magic

Karnataka is one of the top states of India in Information Technology field. Many people from other parts of the country migrate here for good employment opportunity. And every year many students are graduated from top colleges of Karnataka state and get placed in corporate companies. Candidates not only get employed in private sectors, but also get Govt jobs in Karnataka.

Every year, government sectors call out for job vacancies and eligible candidates are placed in Govt jobs in Karnataka after a regular written exam, personal interview. Public sector banks continuously call for vacancies in all categories like from assistant to an officer.

Recently Karnataka 6th Pay Commission announced 30% salary hike for state government employees. This announcement benefits 5.2 lakh state government employees with 5.73 lakh government pensioners.The pay revision and pension come into effect from 1st July 2017 with benefits paid from 1st April 2018 as per the statement issued by the Chief Minister’s Office.

A year back an unemployed youth launched an app to help the unemployed graduates.SarovarBenkikere an engineering graduation with distinction from the topmost college in the city who was unable to find the job since his poor family was living in a village. Muthuraj, an MA Political Science graduate was also searching for a job and also Swati with a Ph.D in Immunology from Germany struggled to find a job in Bangalore as she was overqualified.

They grouped together under the Karnataka for Employment(KFE) banner and launched a campaign called “Vote for employment” and “My Job” a mobile application.

This application updates users on self-employment schemes, scholarships, and provides support to entrepreneurs besides from providing job information. The available on Android OS and over 2000 app download happened in two days said Mr.Benikikere. Two students of PES College of Engineering designed the app.

Benikikere revealed that there has been a problem in the government’s employment policy and KFE is a substitute for employment for both State and Central Governments.

Both the government talked about generating lakhs of Govt jobs in Karnatakaeach year. But Benikikere protested the government about asking the job and unemployment. The campaign is a platform to bring all youth of the state to inform the government that if they are unable to give us jobs, the politician should not expect votes.

The young group planned to hold a youth conference “Youth Assembly on Employment” in Bengaluru. Mr. Muthuraj informed that with experts help, they would prepare a manifesto suggesting the areas where over 50 lakh jobs could be created in the coming five years.

One side there is a protest running around the Karnataka government, and another side the government of Karnataka has been recruiting the eligible candidates for eligible posts. The exam preparing aspirants shall not lose hope by all such issues. If you really focus to get Government jobs in Karnataka, then do preparation for the same without any mull. Focused preparation, a courageous attempt will ever give victory. So keep doing your work.

Education could make you a Doctor like Jonathan Lauter

The primitive man only knew food, clothing and shelter to be the basic necessities of life, but as science developed and brought about novel things, it came to be realized that all the knowledge gained up to that time needed to be handed down to the upcoming generations and the way to do that was through a system of education. There is no end to the kind of help ‘Education’ provides to an individual within his life span. It is only with the help of education and gaining knowledge that the society is proud to have people like Dr. Jonathan Lauter.

He is a well known psychiatrist at the Refuah Health Center in New York, where he is a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry. It is through his practice and blogs that it is evident Dr. Jonathan Lauter is a doctor of what stature.

Initially education came to be imparted on a small scale within small premises that were rather homely, but over the period of time, the importance of education and its absolute necessity has given it a very high position within any society. It is thus, that even those parents who are not educated leave no stones unturned to educate their children, in the best school that they possibly can.

Considering the competitive world in the present times, it is hard to imagine a person who is not educated. Formal education is imparted through which individuals learn to read and write and with every advancing day, this begins at an earlier age than it was previously. Now, children as little as a year and a half are seen to be put into schools, particularly play schools. This is the time they start learning words and names of various things, they learn good behavior and most importantly they learn how to socialize.

Education, as is the general perception, is not just about books, it refers to the learning of the basic ways of behavior of an individual within a society. It is hence, that the government of every country makes sure that they include the right and freedom of education for all. No one should be deprived or denied of the right to education; in fact, even the people who belong to the below poverty level group are given provisions through various workshops by non-profit organizations and NGOs to avail their fundamental right to education.

Education is no longer just for the elite section of the society and a luxury; it has now acquired the status of being a necessity. You could hardly imagine the plight of an uneducated person in the present world, and the demand for education is constantly increasing with each passing day. Education should not be considered to be a means to an end but an end in itself. It is this that will help you to walk all walks of life with a brave heart, for it is through education that you will learn and derive inspiration from all that has been done in the past.

Get A Dream Management Career By Applying For MBA Marketing

The management degree is the best option for anyone with a penchant for managerial level posts. The two-year postgraduate program will teach the students about the various intricacies of business, ethics and management. The road to the MBA degree college in Uttarakhand is filled with plenty of obstacles that the aspiring students need to clear before they can get admission.

The first step towards a management seat in any premier business school starts by clearing the tough entrance tests such as CAT, MAT, NMAT, GMAT or XAT. The students need to clear any one of them. They need to score a good score on the written test. Their job is only half done after getting good marks in any of the aforementioned tests.

They need to clear the group discussion round. It’s a round of debates with given topics. The purpose of this test is to shortlist the students on the basis of their speaking, thinking, analytical & reasoning skills. The test will also reveal the leadership skill of many students. The test can be cracked if the students have a good grasp on several genres.

 In recent times, the MBA Marketing in Uttarakhand has emerged as a popular choice among the youths of India. The specialized course is dedicated especially to the marketing aspect of the business. It mainly consists of the following modules or topics:

  • Product Management
  • Sales And Distribution Management
  • Retail Management
  • Services Marketing
  • Market Strategy and Implementation
  • Brand Management
  • Business To Business (B2B) Marketing

This specific management program is for those students who love to interact with people. It’s a highly sought-after career as the rewards and recognition are exemplary. This is the perfect course for the people who have already worked in the marketing domain. They can expect a multifold jump in their career after doing this course from a reputed business school.

The economic slowdown around the globe has failed to diminish the hope of several students aspiring for a career in this field. The master of business administration course remains one of the least affected courses by the ongoing global slowdown. In fact, industries need talented candidates that can turn the tide in their favor by brave and innovative management.

The postgraduate program fully prepares the students for their journey in the tough corporate world. The various seminars, debates, training & internships will prepare them for any type of challenges ahead in their lives. The basic thing for success in the management field is the ability to count the human factor in every decision. After all, you will work for the people in a direct or indirect way.

If these words hold any value to you then quickly enroll into a reputed MBA degree college in Uttarakhand and fulfill your dream of a great career.