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Fashionable And Not Like Others Simultaneously

Is it possible to follow the latest fashion trends and look not like many other people at the same time? The experts of Cattifly claim it’s as easy as pie. The only things you need here is to be good at the basics of style applicable to the current year and imagination, which is always at your hand. How? Let’s figure it out.

For example, you need to buy clothes considered fashionable in 2018. And want to comply with the rules presented by the world-famous designers. But you are afraid of looking impersonal when following them automatically. Here come the tips offered by the guys from Cattifly.

  1. Concentrate on the idea, not the details. According to Cattifly, if you are assured polka-dot clothes are among the favorites of 2018, it doesn’t mean you have to wear black-and-white variants only. Have you checked the wide variety of alternative options? There are super cute pink-and-orange, green-and-blue, white-and-red polka dots. And they are still polka dots. Moreover, the high fashion weeks of the year have presented extremely beautiful gray-and-golden, as well as black-and-silver interpretations. Aren’t you keen on testing all of them? The same algorithm works for leopard prints which appear the must-haves of fashion-lovers in 2018. Again. Don’t stick to classics only. You can opt for pink, green or rainbow leopard to express your character. Fashion does give a chance to be unique.
  2. Combine various trends. Let’s see. This year we are recommended to wear scarves. In addition, many fashion gurus insist on using silver details in various outfits. The experts of Cattifly offer to make up a mix of the two ideas. Why not to twist a scarf and a silver chain together to get an outstanding decorative element for your boho-inspired hairstyle? There are so many extraordinary combinations to test. Some practice – and you’ll be able to modify any fashionable look within a few minute thanks to the items you already have in your wardrobe.
  3. Choose what suits you best. Every season chooses a color called the best one during the period. But it doesn’t mean everyone should buy clothes of the color only. According to Cattifly, if green is claimed the favorite this autumn, you can search for light green, khaki or olive clothes instead. No world-known brand knows the features of your wardrobe, figure and style better than you.

So remember, modern fashion trends are also very flexible. We often avoid altering anything because we are afraid of making mistakes and looking strange. Ready solutions always seem more reliable, but it’s not true. According to Cattifly, many of their customers write they are surprised how unusual their own fashion experiments turn out and how great they feel about it. In most cases we need to try with alternative combinations of clothes, colors and cuts a few times in order to realize the world of fashion has no strict guidelines and borders. We have so much to chance!