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What Is Involved in Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation?

For many people, entering into treatment for substance abuse can be a daunting prospect. In some cases, the fear of the unknown can deter individuals from reaching out to drug and alcohol rehab centers for help altogether. In all cases, when someone has taken the first step, finding out what rehabilitation entails can help to alleviate any fears and make the process much less intimidating than it may appear to be.

It’s always important to bear in mind that although people do sometimes manage to get sober themselves, it is not as effective as attending a structured alcohol treatment program.

This is because addiction is a compulsion that has developed over time, and may even contain genetic components. Just abstaining from taking drugs or using alcohol is not sufficient to ‘cure’ addiction, because all the time the underlying causes remain unaddressed, they will resurface at some point in down the line.

A statistical fact about specialist alcohol and drug rehab is that it works.

Treatment centers undertake thorough physical assessment and psychological evaluation of each patient entering a facility in order to devise a treatment program that is tailored to their specific care needs. Rehab programs generally use a combination of medical and psychotherapeutic treatments that have been designed for maximum efficacy for the patient.

The Benefits of Individual and Group Therapy Sessions in Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Many people struggling with substance abuse issues will have become withdrawn from those close to them. This can be because they feel misunderstood or because they fear confrontation for their addictive behavior. Addicts are likely to be completely in the grip of their compulsion to abuse substances to the extent that they may have become unaware of anything outside of their addiction.

Individual and group therapy sessions in a clinical environment provide people with substance use disorder with a platform to communicate what they are thinking and feeling in a non-judgmental environment. Working with experienced therapists will allow them to explore the underlying causes of their addiction for a better understanding of how to cope while in recovery.

Group therapy is particularly beneficial because it is often the first environment a patient has where they can interact with others in a similar situation. Although everyone has their own addiction journey and their unique reasons for becoming addicted, there is much to be gained from talking with others who at least understand what it’s like to submit self-control to substances and how it impacts a person’s life.

The strong alliances and bonds developed with others in therapy sessions are valuable when drug and alcohol treatment has been completed. Many people find the support network they build during rehab to be a lifeline during the years of sobriety that follow treatment. Therapy also makes the whole rehabilitation and recovery process a much less lonely place, which is useful in preventing relapse during a treatment program as spirits are often buoyed by the support of others.

Steps of the Addiction Rehab Process

Addiction treatment programs at drug and alcohol treatment centers are personalized to meet the individual care needs of each individual patient. That said, all recovery processes share the same key elements as follows:

  • Intake: This is not always a voluntary step and, in many cases, loved ones are responsible for getting someone to enter rehab. Once the step has been taken, however, patients will undergo thorough physical examination and psychological assessment in order to create a treatment program that has the right combination of therapies for their requirements.
  • Detoxification: It is essential to rid the body of any influence of drugs or alcohol before it is possible to continue with rehabilitation. The detox process can seem like a very daunting experience, but it is made much better – and safer – when under 24/7 medical supervision in a specialist rehab facility.
  • Rehabilitation: A combination of medications, psychotherapies and complementary therapies will be used to deal with the effects of prolonged addiction on the mind, body, and spirit. Patients will learn important coping mechanisms to help them deal with the triggers they will inevitably face during their years in recovery.
  • Ongoing Recovery: Completing an alcohol and drug treatment program is not sufficient to ‘cure’ a person of addiction and recovery is an ongoing challenge. Nevertheless, with the support of family, friends and other recovering addicts, it is eminently feasible to go on to live a rich and rewarding life after rehab – and many people do.

Improve Emotional Health with Mindfulness

Your emotional health is very crucial for a good life. However, stress and challenges in life disturb you. There are a degradation of morals and people have become very insensitive to your needs. It is here that you must resort to meditation and hence achieve 마음수련 사이비 to see how you feel so that your emotions do not affect you in a negative way at all!

Say goodbye to negative thoughts and emotions

The result of negative thoughts and emotions leads to eating disorders and substance abuse in most people. With daily meditation for at least 30 minutes in a day you are able to say goodbye to negative thought patterns. Remember when you are negative, one thought will lead to a chain of negative thoughts. This in turn will harm you and disturb you in every way. This is why when you are looking for peace and calmness of mind, it is important for you to be mindful and alert with meditative practice at least for 30 minutes a day.

Eradicate distress in your life

Daily meditation will help you to eradicate stress and improve quality of life. You must understand the fact that distress solves no problems. It is crucial for you to be aware of how you feel and what you feel in order to let go and be in the present moment completely.

Remove depression completely

With daily meditation, you are able to remove depression and negative self -talk. This means you stop ruminating about the past and allow it to hurt you. You let go faster and this helps you to move on in a healthy way.

Live in the present moment

Living in the present moment is of course the biggest blessing in life. When you live in the present moment you start enjoying even very small things in a large way. This enriches your life and you effectively are able to improve its quality as well.

Experience inner bliss

Everyone wants to experience that state of inner bliss and this is possible with daily and regular meditation. With regular practice you will find that life becomes more meaningful and your relationships improve and flourish.

Stay focused

Daily meditation helps you to stay mindful and focused. The task at hand becomes engaging as the mind and the body are at the same place. This means you experience balance in life that makes you happy and joyful.

Improve life with mindfulness

마음수련 사이비 plays a vital role in improving your life. Take time out of your busy schedule to meditate and see your life improving. With the passage of time you will experience deep peace and relaxation. This makes you contented and external factors do not upset you.

Being mindful helps you to improve emotional health. Once you improve your emotional health, you will find that your physical health also improves. You become less prone to anger issues and with the passage of time you become calm within. You are able to make better decisions with a clear and peaceful mind!

Medical Aesthetics: Tips on Choosing a Reliable Team for Aesthetics Enhancement

Plastic surgery is not new to the public anymore. These days, you can see thousands of clinics around the world offering plastic surgeries. And, each person has a distinct reason behind the urge of undergoing a medical aesthetics treatment in Singapore. Still, it is of nobody’s right to argue or question the decision made by someone who wants it in the first place.

For some reason, plastic surgeries are not just about boosting one’s confidence. Basically, there are more reasons that you will encounter if you look closely at the reasons of other people. To get a glimpse of some reasons, take a look below.

People prefer to undergo medical aesthetics treatment for. . .

  • Social Purposes
  • Reverse the signs of aging
  • Reconstructive
  • Admiring celebrities

Each reason has its pros and cons. Depending on the view of an individual, the reasons stated above may fall into the bad or the good side. Still, the final decision would matter to an individual aiming for a change. And, it’s not deniable how costly the entire procedure would be. If you’re planning to get one, try to incorporate the tips onward as your guide.

Basic Tips on Choosing a Medical Aesthetics Company

•              Reasonable Price

If you are new to aesthetics treatment, there’s nothing to worry about. Right now, you can find plenty of companies offering package bundles for new customers. Depending on your needs and your budget, there will be a corresponding service for you. The thing is, you need to choose carefully and assess which one suits you best. Take time to compare the price, procedure, and inclusions to every set. Also, compare the offer from one company to the other.

•              Client Reviews

Never take for granted the reviews shared by their customers. Always be vigilant and observant of the tiniest details included in a testimony of their recent clients. Some companies are featuring successful treatment from their loyal customers. In case you want more balanced outlook, try to visit forum sites. In those pages, you will see different opinions of people who tried such services. Assess and compare. Take nothing but honest comments to see how reliable the company is to provide incredible results.

•              Licenses and Credentials

License and credentials really play a part in sorting your options. There are some companies claiming that they’ve done specific and excusing treatment for a complicated situation. But once you dig into the details, they will provide no proof at all. If you’re concerned about the procedure and the result, be sure to choose a credible team. Check closely for their licenses especially on the background of the company. Take note, you have the internet to give you hints about the companies of your preference. Thus, you should take time to compare each no matter what.

Finding a good company to assist your need is time-consuming. Sometimes, it would seem intimidating to try. Sure, plenty of choices are available. In fact, you can even set an appointment online with no hassle. But, the process of comparing all your options is something you need to work on. Take note, ignoring the small details may lead to major regrets in the future. Thus, your standards in comparing such options should never be taken for granted at all cost. And, you must invest time to find the right one in the market.

A Guide to Purchase The Best Laboratory Freezer

Laboratory freezer is an essential equipment in a laboratory as it protects valuable medical and scientific materials that may be the most important element of your scientific experiment. As they play an important role in determining the success of your laboratory operations, the laboratory freezer you choose should be reliable and capable of accurate temperature controlling. No matter which scientific experiment you are running at your laboratory, you should always purchase the right type of laboratory freezer to fit your lab’s requirement.

Laboratory freezers are very different from the domestic freezers we use at our home. Lab freezers are bigger in size and are specifically manufactured in such a way so that they can maintain a constant laboratory temperature. Many of the elements stored in lab freezers are either dangerous or need to be controlled temperatures to avoid any potential damage. This is the reason you should always buy laboratory freezers from the reputed distributors that offer quality service. The lab equipment distributors offer all types of lab freezers, refrigerators, and combination of freezer/refrigerator that are designed for many sample types, including hazardous and explosive materials.

Mentioned following are few things that you need to keep in mind when purchasing a lab freezer.

Temperature Control:

The most important thing you need to check when buying a lab freezer is its temperature control capacity. Usually, the laboratory freezers are available in three basic temperature categories including general purpose with pre-set temperatures, low temperature with pre-set temperatures, and ultra-low temp with pre-set temperatures. You need to understand that all pre-set temperatures can be adjusted within a narrow range. Therefore, it is really important to choose freezers that match the temperature requirement you are considering.

Substance You Keep Inside The Freezer:

Another important thing that you need to think about when buying a lab freezer is the substance that you are going to keep inside it. Some lab freezers are available with storage facility that can handle delicate and dangerous samples while storing. Also you need to check the type of space that is available inside the freezer. For example, a chest freezer has broader footprint than an upright freezer despite they both have the same amount of internal volume.

On the other hand, the chest freezers work better when it comes to retain cold air than the upright freezers when the door opened. Also, the chest freezers can be adjusted back to the original set temperature quite fast in case the door is remained opened for a long time. And, upright versions are easy to use as you can locate samples easily inside them.

There are few other things that you need to consider when planning to purchase a laboratory freezer. For example, how big does the freezer need to be, how much space you need inside the freezer, how frequently you need to access the materials in the freezer, and the location where you want to place the freezer.

The best way to find a laboratory freezer is to visit the local lab equipment distributor’s website and choose the product you want. These distributors offer a complete line of laboratory freezers that are especially designed to fulfill your needs.

Camu Camu: A Natural Tonic!

This shrub native to the Amazonian forest belongs to the Myrtaceae family, the same family as guava or myrtle. Little known on our continent, this small shrub delivers fruits resembling plums or big currants, much used in the Peruvian cuisine. Consumed raw, it has a very acid taste. Other forms (powder, capsules) have developed to easily enjoy its benefits.

This super-food gain to be known, especially during the changes of season when it gives a boost to the body!

An excellent toner!

This fruit is considered the richest in natural vitamin C: it contains 40 times more than orange or kiwi! Thus, if the orange contains 60 mg of vitamin C per 100 g of pulp and kiwi 80, camu-camu contains 2400 to 3000 mg.

It also contains vitamins of group B (B1, B2 and B3) and vitamin E. Iron, phosphorus, calcium and potassium as well as essential amino acids are also present.

Its composition gives it toning and antioxidant effects. It helps fight fatigue and stimulates the immune system, helping the body to develop its natural defenses.

How to take it?

The camu-camu is in powder form , swallowed in a tablespoon or sprinkled on the dishes.

The camu-camu of Guayapi is a wild harvest and traditionally harvested by the tribe of the Shipibos Indians in the Ucayali region of Peru. Guayapi has the particularity of having developed exceptional partnerships with different tribes of Amazonia and South America. The company values ​​the noble and traditional plants of these regions such as warana and camu-camu.

It is also available in capsules .

Gourmet Spirulina has associated spirulina and camu-camu in the form of tablets (70% / 30%) or powder . Its cold grinding process makes it possible to preserve the properties of these super-foods.

Organic Spirulina, called blue algae because of its pigment phycocyanin, is concentrated in iron, vitamin B12, vitamin E, beta-carotene, proteins, minerals and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus or magnesium. The association with the camu-camu makes it possible to take at the same time vitamin C, which also promotes the assimilation of iron.

Thanks to the creation of Gourmet Spirulina (70% organic spirulina and 30% Camu Camu bio), we obtain more than 50% of daily vitamin C intake, more than 20% in vitamin K and easily assimilable iron with no side effects, Beta carotene or vitamin B12.

The camu-camu, alone or associated, is a very good ally during the cooling periods to help fight the first fall aggressions and boost its immune system!

Our Tips For A Fall At The Top!

This time, it’s decided! Autumn will not overcome your enthusiasm and energy! A few simple ideas will help you get through October with a smile!

Go to the Zen Lounge!

The Salon Zen , which takes place from Thursday at the Espace Champerret, will open its doors on a multitude of products and ideas to flourish physically and psychically. Whether you are interested in relaxation methods, oriental medicines or ecological products, you will find your happiness in the alleys.

Getting there is a good springboard to attack the school year, by drawing breathing techniques or more in-depth training for those who wish to engage professionally. And from the product side, from eco-friendly cleaners to cooking tools, to cosmetics and board games, a panel of manufacturers will be there to guide you on the road to well-being!

For those living near Nantes or Marseille, the Zen and Bio shows will take place from 6 to 8 October and Artemisia from 20 to 22 October.

Enjoy the autumn lights

If they are no longer the warm and free rays of the summer sun, autumn brings with it a multitude of beautiful lights which it would be a shame not to profit. Get out, walk, admire. Get green sneakers , and go for a ride in the green spaces near you!

Walking – or other sports for those who like to run or spend more – is a way to get oxygenated. Better breathing than usual also reduces the level of stress when necessary.

And for those who fear the first cold, the scarf s, stoles and lanyards keep the neck warm! Focusing on natural and ecological materials is both better for the skin and the environment.

As for your interior, do not forget to air it 15 minutes a day, and this in all weather!

Tonic supplements!

For those who already feel a little tired, some “super foods” chosen for their nutritional qualities have the gift of waking up our tone and our immune defenses. The products of the hive are a good example. Whether it is propolis , royal jelly or pollen , they have revitalizing and protective properties. And all these supplements do not deprive you of feasting on all the varieties of honey better than the others!

Foods rich in vitamin C , citrus fruits, and acerola are also welcome in this period. Thanks to their rich bioflavonoids and vitamin C, grapefruit extracts have found their legitimacy by boosting the resistance of the body and exerting an antimicrobial action.

There are super foods ( spirulina , camu camu , moringa , goji berries ) for those who wish to make a nutritional cure in case of fatigue or convalescence.

Treat yourself!

Nothing like scheduling small pleasures to maintain his morale and advance more serenely. Have a lunch that makes you salivate, an evening of cooperative games with your children, a massage, offer a scented candle , an excellent chocolate … And take care of your friendships, the social bond is certainly as beneficial to the health ‘A balanced diet !

It’s The Return, Save That Lice! Discover Our Natural Remedies

Your child scratches behind the ears … A small gesture that unfortunately often illustrates the presence of little beasts very unpleasant … Lice like to grow on the head of our cherubs at the beginning of the school year. And they become really tough as the mothers who sometimes try in vain to get rid of it! Lice have become more resistant to treatments sold in insecticide-based pharmacies.

What are the most effective natural solutions?


If by chance your child has not yet caught any lice, bet on the repellents! Prepare a floral lavender water, in which you can add two essential drops of lavender. You can exercise two sprays on your child’s wringed hair.

Healing treatments

Too late, the lice have settled … It is necessary to treat, fast and well, otherwise the problem will last! It is enough that a slow passes through the meshes of the net and everything is to start again! Once mature, the louse can lay 4 to 10 eggs per day for about a month and a half. The nits will then take between 6 to 10 days to hatch … An infernal cycle that must be broken as soon as possible!

Arm yourself with patience and follow these tips!

Like the silicone-based treatments (which are non-biodegradable), coconut oil , by virtue of its viscosity, makes it possible to asphyxiate lice in a natural way. To increase the effectiveness of this oil, add a few drops of essential oils of real lavender , lavender or tea tree .

For example, take 4 tablespoons of coconut oil (plus the hair are long), add 10 drops of lavandin essential oil, then knead on your child’s head (at least 3 years old). Place a shower cap or food film, and let sit two hours, or all night it’s even better!

Then paint with a fine comb. Two shampoos will probably be necessary to eliminate this mixture certainly fat but effective!

This can also be done with neem oil . The latter, widely used in Ayurvedic medicine, is known for its insect repellent properties. The right formula: 10 ml of neem oil, 40 ml of coconut oil and 10 drops of essential oils of lavender! To leave to put 2 hours on the head of the children … before making a shampoo.

The conditioner lotion can help to perfect the treatment. Example recipe: Mix 250 ml of hot water with 250 cider vinegar, and add 5 drops of rosemary essential oils and 5 drops of lavandin essential oil. Rinse the hair with this lotion, then pass the comb.

Suitable combs!

Meticulously combing the hair remains a priority to get rid of lice and their nits.

New in the world of smart accessories, the Speedipou comb is circular and its size (21.5 cm) allows to act on the whole of the hair in two gestures. The space between the teeth (0.22 mm) has been specially studied and adapted to the morphology of the lice, in order to be able to remove them, whatever their stage of development (nits = about 0.8 mm nymphs = between 1 and 2 mm lice = between 2 and 4 mm). After use, Speedipou can be stored in its zipped pocket.In case of incomplete cleaning, the lice will not survive more than 36 hours.

Building on different sizes, the anti-lice kit Bug Buster is composed of 4 different combs 1 double smoothing comb conditioner, 2 combs anti special lice children (yellow), 1 comb anti special adult lice (yellow), 1 comb to remove nits and a protective plastic cage. To completely eliminate lice and nits, the Bug Buster method consists of 4 hair combing sessions, spaced 3 days apart, each time with a suitable comb.

There is also an electric comb , which electrocute these little beasts! Without danger, the electrical voltage of the comb is so low that it is not perceptible. Nice advantage: it is guaranteed for 3 years.

Ginger, The Tonic Spice You Need To Have At Home!

The term ginger is derived from Sanskrit shringavera , which means “shaped deer wood”. This plant comes from tropical Asia ( Zingiber Officinalis ) is composed of two parts: an aerial part and an underground part, the famous rhizome used in the traditional Asian kitchens for its piquant taste slightly lemony. Grown in tropical areas and on moist soils, it is found in India, Malaysia, China and Nepal.

Ginger is from the same family ( Zingiberaceae ) as turmeric, with which it marries very well.

Rich in multiple virtues and renowned for its tonic and aphrodisiac effects, it has been used for millennia! Some 3,500-year-old manuscripts mention its use, which goes back as far as 5,000 years. It is one of the first oriental spices to have been imported into the Mediterranean basin and was then used by the Greeks and Romans. It met with success in France from the Middle Ages.

The composition of the rhizome

The ginger rhizome contains essential oil (1-3%) as well as an oleoresin that is the source of its pungent flavor. The latter contains 15% gingerol, a major component of fresh ginger.

Also rich in minerals such as magnesium, calcium or iron and copper (for raw ginger), the rhizome contributes to the proper functioning of the body and the fight against free radicals.

Finally, it contains the vitamins B1, B2 and B3, known to stimulate vitality.

Its Benefits

With a warm and powerful flavor, powdered ginger, offered by the Route des Comptoirs ,Guayapi or Vidya Ayurveda , accompanies soups, curries or other cooked dishes.

Ginger is widely known for relieving digestive problems, including nausea and indigestion. Thus, the ginger capsules can be used in case of gastrointestinal infestations, for nausea in early pregnancy or post-operative nausea and finally in case of sickness.

In the form of essential oil , ginger is also used in case of indigestion, flatulence but is not advised them pregnant women. Excellent tonic, it is also advisable in cases of sexual fatigue and impotence, thanks to its energizing effects. The essential oil can be taken orally (1 to 2 drops in honey or olive oil 3 times a day in case of digestive disorders). When diluted in a vegetable oil, it masses on the abdomen in case of constipation.

Ginger also showed promising results on pain associated with rheumatism and arthritis pain, demonstrating anti-inflammatory effects.

For its vitalising side, it is sometimes associated with other stimulants, such as guarana and ginseng.

For slightly stressed men who also want to boost their sexual form, Toni Men uses three herbs: ginger, red ginseng and schisandra, the latter helping to regain physical and intellectual well-being.

For A Good Vision, Eat Colorful And Vitamin!

Besides the good quality of our genes, good vision is also on the plate! Some foods are beneficial for the good health of our eyes. This is the case of foods rich in antioxidants, omega 3 and vitamins A, E and C.

If needed, dietary supplements can help limit deficiencies.

Vitamin A, the indispensable!

Vitamin A is essential because the retina needs it to perform its functions!

It is essential to rhodopsin, a pigment of the cells of the retina that gives the eye its sensitivity to light. This vitamin also helps to maintain a cornea in good condition.

A vitamin A deficiency may cause symptoms such as dry eyes, decreased visual acuity … and promote age-related macular degeneration (AMD) as well as cataracts.

Where to find it in its diet? Egg yolks, butter, fatty fish and cheeses (parmesan, roquefort, camembert …) are a good source of vitamin A.

Foods rich in beta-carotene (which is part of the carotenoid family) must also be part of the menu since the body transforms beta-carotene into vitamin A. Bet on carrots and all fruits and vegetables yellow- orange: mango, pumpkin, tomato, apricot, sweet pepper …!

Note: zinc, besides its role in immunity, contributes to the good absorption of vitamin A. The best source: oysters! But there are also cheese, yogurts and seeds.

Antioxidant carotenoids

In the family of carotenoids, some are antioxidant pigments essential for vision: this is the case of lutein and zeaxantin. The latter are particularly concentrated in the central part of the retina, called macula lutea, very rich in photoreceptors. They form the macular pigment, which would play a protective role against the risk of AMD and cataract.

These antioxidants are found in yellow / orange fruits and vegetables: carrots, citrus fruits, peppers, corn, and some green vegetables such as spinach and cabbage.

In addition to beta-carotene, the Oemine Vision dietary supplement provides these antioxidants with a tagette extract.

Vitamin C

The vitamin C also helps limit the effects of free radicals (in part responsible for cellular aging), thanks to its antioxidant action. It has a protective role for the cornea and the lens and reduces the risk of AMD.

To consume, head for fresh citrus and vegetables: orange, lemon, kiwi … but also spinach and parsley!

Vitamin E

In the same way, the antioxidant action of vitamin E protects the body from the harmful effects of free radicals. It helps prevent cataracts and AMD.

They are found in abundance in certain oils (such as sunflower), in margarine, and in dried fruits (almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts).

For proper absorption of this vitamin, consider selenium, a trace element essential to the body (but not synthesized by the body). It is present in abundance in Brazil nuts. Canned tuna, chicken or turkey offal and marinated herring are also well stocked.

The omega-3

Champions of cardiovascular health, these polyunsaturated fatty acids also play a role in the proper functioning of nerve cells in the eye.

Fatty fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel) and vegetable oils (flax, nuts, rapeseed) are preferred for a satisfactory supply of omega-3.

Blueberry berries

Rich in anthocyanosides, blueberry berries are known to improve vision, especially in restricted light and at night, and fight against eye disorders.

Dietary supplements that combine vitamins, pigments and trace elements include VisioBronzfrom Naturège, VisioNut , the Vision Complex and Optimum Vision from Orgono – each with specific compositions.