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5 Things You Should Know About Dubai Airport

Many things make the Dubai international airport what it is. The technology, the service and the connectivity, there’s so much to love about this one. Here is what you need to know about the Dubai airport that is practically connecting the world. There’s quite really nothing like it. 

If there’s one airport that might be able to throw London’s Heathrow off spot, it’s Dubai’s international airport. If you travel regularly, long-haul especially, then you know what we are talking about. American Airlines, Indian airlines, Dutch, French, you name it, thousands are flying via Dubai every single day. But that’s not everything you need to know about this busy airport. There’s more; let’s find out some facts that will motivate you to book a flight to Dubai or at least via Dubai next time you plan international travel.

  1. World’s Third Busiest Airport 

Interestingly, Dubai authorities are expecting growth to some 98 million passengers by the end of 2020. In 2008, Dubai Airport opened its gates to the world’s largest terminal – Emirates Terminal 3. Need we say more? A significant surprise came to the world when reports in 2014 reported that for the first time Dubai International Airport beat London Heathrow and became the busiest international airport in the world.

In 2016, it opened a new concourse and became the third busiest airport in the world.

  1. Easy Connectivity to The City

If you do not want to spend money on a taxi and know where you want to go, you have metros available from T3 & T1. These run every 10 minutes. Getting a taxi too is a breeze. And then you have buses that run from and leave from opposite Terminals 1, 2 and 3. Use an NoI card to get access.

  1. Go On a Shopping Spree

Dubai Duty Free is a shopper’s haven. Not only does the shopping arena is spread across 26,000 square meters, but this is one of the best options to buy alcohol in Dubai for tourists. From the best of gold to electronic items, there’s so much to explore here. Exciting offers in lottery and raffles are available and scores of fascinating shopping experiences!

  1. Experience Different Cuisines

From Lebanese to Mongolian Barbeque, there is a multitude of cuisines to explore from. Just hit Terminal 1 and 2 and you’ll find everything from a Jashn, with Indian cuisine to Tansu Kitchen. There are more than 25 options in the food court in just one part of the airport. And T3 has a food court spread across 2000 sq feet. Need we say more?

  1. World-Class Facilities Right at The Airport

Dubai Airport is one of the few airports in the world where a busy terminal has a full kid zone equipped with an interactive area with latest toys and huge TV screens to showcase shows for kids.  And if that is for the kids, adults can take a dip into a swimming pool while they wait for their flight. Yes, from a swimming pool to a kid zone, and even a five star hotel, the Dubai Airport has got it all.

Whether you are looking for a Mumbai, Delhi or Chennai to Dubai flights, there’s something for everyone. It’s not for nothing that Dubai’s Airport is rated the third busiest in the world. From connecting flights to a complete world-class experience of everything you can ask for, there’s something for everyone here. Well, that’s Dubai for you!

Story Of Our Cruise Between Flores And Lombok In Indonesia

Who has never dreamed of a cruise in Indonesia ? It is a good way to discover amultitude of breathtaking paradise islands other than the famous island of Bali .The living conditions on the boat are certainly rudimentary but the show offered is well worth it. We suggest you in this article of our travel blog to follow us on a 4 days and 3 nights cruise from Labuan Bajo on the island of Flores to Labuan Lombok which is located to the east of the island of Lombok .

In this article, you can read our travel blog with our tips, tricks and tips to succeed in this adventure without taking the lead. If you are traveling in the area, do not miss our stories and advice on the crossing of Flores but also the discovery of Bali and Lombok! Click on the following banner:

Which company to choose? What is the budget for such a cruise?And security?

It is directly from our arrival in Labuan Bajo in Flores that we went around the different agencies of the village likely to offer an affordable cruise between Flores and Lombok . They finally brought us back to the Kencana agency , which is the most famous, both in terms of security and personal. This is not really the case. You are told everything here about the reality of this cruise , certainly idyllic, but also very trying.

In reality, do not expect a luxury cruise . We find ourselves in a motor boat (noisy) of average size (4mx20m) which can accommodate to the maximum a good twenty people. We will only be a dozen. Phew!

And yes, in the Flores-Lombok sense, you are likely to be fewer.  Since Lombok, the boats are indeed often full and it is good to know that there is no cabin on the boat . We sleep on deck, on mattresses not very thick, which is still protected from the possible weather, you are reassured. If, like us, you are lucky enough to find yourself in a boat where you are few in number, consider taking a second mattress to make it more comfortable. You will not regret it 😉On the crew side, there are 1 experienced captain and 4 crew members who do not speak Englishor really very very little for just one of them. It is not obvious therefore to know truly during the journey where the boat goes and in how long.

The budget for such a cruise  per person for 4 days / 3 nights is 1,750,000 Rp ie approximately 110 euros . Please note that the minivan transfer from Labuan Lombok to Senggigi on the other side of Lombok is included. Meals are also included but very simple . We only eat rice and tofu and drink only water for 4 days. We get tired very quickly and know that you will have nothing else. We advise you to planpackages of cakes, cereal bars, coca and beers for aficionados. A cooler (no fridge) will hold your drinks the first few days in the cool.

The snorkeling equipment ie the fins, masks and snorkels are provided but not always in good condition. If you can, take your own equipment. Side life vests, do not be too looking because there is not for everyone. The toilets are limited to a hole (Turkish toilets) in a cabin that is near the space where the crew prepares to eat, and where they also sleep, close to the engine! And as it pitch a lot, we give you the details. There is no bathroom, no shower or even a sink. We wash our teeth overboard with bottle water.

Side snorkeling, the boat tends to throw ink a few minutes or hours to about 200 meters of islets and islands to visit. Obviously, this presupposes that you know how toswim properly . During our cruise, no diver and swimmer supervision was provided . One can end up confronting strong currents. So be very careful and listen to any experienced swimmers on the boat before throwing yourself into the water. This will save you some cold sweats. A paradise island of a few meters is very attractive.We jump into the water and we think we will reach paradise in 30 seconds. This can turn into a nightmare when you start to swim against a current too strong. Yes yes it feels the experience. And do not do as us, systematically take palms to limit the risks.

Most travelers organize this cruise from Lombok to Flores . That’s another option.The cruise lasts 4 days and 4 nights under the same conditions and for the same price. We advise you, like us, to do it the other way. Just join Labuan Bajo to Flores by plane (domestic flight) from Bali for example and then return to Lombok then Bali via this cruise. You will be more relaxed on the boat, which is not a luxury seen the rather crude conditions of the cruise.

Please note that there is a 2 days and 1 night package on an identical boat from Flores and always in direction of Lombok. On the other hand the price will not be the same and the breaks almost non-existent. Something crazy

Cheap Flight Tickets: Bravofly

We regularly reserve flight tickets on the internet using a flight search engine . As you know, there are a myriad of sites available on the web. The Bravofly website is one of the flight comparators that we regularly use  to find the best flight prices . We tell you why and give you our tips and advice on how to use this comparator with an analysis of the different options to find the best destination at the best price .

Place the test compare flights Bravofly.

Why Bravofly?

The history of BravoFly dates back to 2004, when the company was the first search engine for low cost flights on the Italian market. Today, based in Switzerland, Bravofly sells almost 100,000 airline tickets each monthand more than 2 million people already trust it . We are part of it so why not you?

With our platform, you can easily search, compare and book flights  (via traditional airlines or low cost airlines) and book hotel nights, tours, cruises or holiday rentals. car.

Another highlight of the Bravofly website is the ability to download free tourist guides . These guides are written by people living in these cities and are very often updated. Their blog associated with the site is also a mine of info for travelers . You can also find our interview  to learn a little more about us.

Home page Bravofly

How do I find the cheapest flight ticket to Bravofly?

BravoFly offers 3 methods to find your airfare at the best price:

  • “Search your flights” : search with your dates and the destination of departure and arrival is the classic search.
  • “Best offers” : search with budget, destination, month of departure and length of stay.
  • «Low cost destinations! “ : Search with only 2 criteria, your budget and the city of departure. Good plan to find your destination!

01. “Search your flights” option

This is the most classic and intuitive search of any flight comparator. You must return the cities or airports of departure and arrival as well as your dates of holidays. Once this information is entered, a page opens with a summary table indicating, in color, the best prices found around the dates requested. Very handy if you are flexible , and you have to be flexible to find a good price . At a glance, you can see the most interesting rate. the green boxes correspond to the lowest rates.

In the left column, you can also ask the comparator to display flights with additional options: Direct flight only, maximum number of stops, maximum transit time, restrict the number of companies offered, etc.

We find this table very practical because we see all prices on 1 page only. This makes it easy to choose the dates of your trip according to the data.

02. “Best offers” option

The 2nd flight search option is interesting if you know your destination and the month in which you want to travel.

By using this option, you will learn during which month but also which day of the week it is more advantageous to travel to the destination that you have chosen. We can also play over the length of the stay to find the best combination that will offer you the most attractive price, respecting your budget.

03. Option “Low cost destination! “

This is our preferred flight comparison option for flights to Bravofly. This 3rd and final search option is very useful if you do not know where to go on a trip . Bravofly then presents a map and asks you your budget and your city of departure. The European cities are shown on the map with the price of the cheapest associated flight.

In the example below, we can find a way to Barcelona to 35 euros! It can give destination ideas.

It is thanks to this option that we had the idea to go to Turkey twice in 2014. We booked on the site of Bravofly an Istanbul-Paris to 135 euros per person with the company Turkish Airlines for a flight mid-August. Really cheap, right?

Once the map is displayed, click on the desired destination. You can then refine your search with the duration of the stay and the month of departure.

Lowlights and highlights of Bravofly

01. What we like less

As far as we can tell you right away, these are the lowest possible booking fees on the Bravofly flight search engine. Why ? Because these administrative fees are not announced from the start. So here’s a tip to avoid paying them . Reserve your tickets during the hollow period of reservation, ie rather at night, in the middle of the week . For the purchase of our Istanbul-Paris flight, we made the reservation in the night from Wednesday to Thursday and thus escape the famous fees! You will be told a lot more about our file: how to find the cheapest airline ticket on the internet ? Then you only have to apply the tips, tricks and tips that are described to you in this article to put the maximum of chances on your side and to buy your plane ticket at the right price. Last minute, do not forget your taxes  (minimal) that will only appear at the end of the booking on the Bravofly flight search engine.

Tip : subscribe to the Bravofly Facebook page to be informed about the latest promotions.

02. What we like

The ergonomics of the Bravofly flight comparison system is excellent. Research results are only facilitated. Exposed clearly in a painting , one finds oneself right away and it is thus very easy to find a cheap flight . Although Bravofly is a reputable site that allows you to find the cheapest prices on the market, you are advised to use other airfare price comparators and also go directly to the company website air traffic .

In any case, once the flight is booked on Bravofly, we do not have time to worry because we quickly receive a confirmation email and an email with the invoice. It reassures and reinforces the security of the purchase.

Vision Flight: Flight Tickets Cheaper With Momondo

We tested Vision Vol , the new Momondo site tool that will help you save money on your next plane tickets . How? You are told everything in this new test. After the success of our article on tricks to find a cheaper flight on the internet and after our test of the bravofly site , we continue to help you with our advice to buy your next airline tickets, thanks to the Vision Vol tool could quickly become an indispensable . In any case, we are convinced

Momondo, a real travel advisor?

Momondo is a relatively new travel meta-engine on the French market. Momondo compares prices of millions of flights, flights and car rentals. The new generation travel agency has given itself three years to settle in France.
Momondo differentiates itself from the competition by a very successful design , at once sober and clear and especially by a new tool that convinced us : Vision Vol, which allows to see at a glance the best options to find his ticket cheapest plane possible. Vision Flight works as a real decision-making tool . Basically, with Vision Vol, Momondo becomes a true travel advisor.

Why will the Vision Vol tool We tested Vision Vol , the new Momondo site tool that will help you save money on your next plane tickets?

The graphics of Visio Vol will really save you time and save money .
We talk about it here because their tool and their computer graphics perfectly illustrate some of the tips that are given in our article 12 tricks to find a cheaper airline ticket on the Internet. Momondo has analyzed millions of data – Momondo is connected to more than 700 travel websites – that has selected the 6 criteriathat most impact the price of a plane ticket:

  • The number of days before the flight,
  • the season,
  • the airline company,
  • the journey (airports),
  • the day of the flight,
  • and flight time.

Testing the Vision Flight Tool

We will review a few flagship destinations to illustrate the relevance of Momondo’s Vision Vol. Indeed these criteria must be taken into account by any traveler eager to save on his airline tickets.

The Vision Flight Tool has been tested for destinations that are popular with travelers.

Test of Vision Flight n ° 1: flight from Paris to Barcelona

For a flight search from Paris to Barcelona , Vision Flight tells us:

  • that the average price of a return trip for this journey is 181 euros,
  • that it is the cheapest to book 60 days before departure,
  • that flights are the cheapest the 6th week of the year (February),
  • that RyanAir is the globally least expensive company,
  • that morning flights are cheaper,
  • and that departures on Tuesday allow you to have access to the best prices.

All this information is really very useful to buy his ticket at the right price.

Test of Vision Flight n ° 2: flight from Paris to Bangkok

For a flight search from Paris to Bangkok , Flight Vol tells us:

  • that the average price of a return trip for this journey is 649 euros,
  • that it is the cheapest to book 57 days before departure,
  • that flights are the cheapest the 36th week of the year (early September),
  • that China Eastern Airlines is the globally least expensive airline,
  • that morning flights are cheaper,
  • and that departures on Tuesday allow you to have access to the best prices.

In short, as shown here, the 6 criteria that the Vision Vol provides provides are 6 essential criteria for not getting hurt when you want to buy a plane ticket.

Each criterion is detailed in a dedicated tab. The Seasonality tab, for example, gives us the price variations according to the weeks of the year. We love it a lot. No need to break your head to know the good price of your plane ticket.

Advantages and disadvantages of Vision Flight of Momondo

The highlights of the World Vision tool

The interface of the Momondo World Vision tool is really nice and easy to use. The overview of essential information can be read at a glance with infographics and graphics. Finally, in addition to having very clear visuals, the interface is easy to adjust and to parameterize.

The information is thus  very attractive  because the computer graphics are really accessible to all and  allow to better understand the mechanism of evolution and variation of prices of air tickets .

Finally, the mega-comparator includes domestic airlines and low-cost flights, which is smart and convenient.

The weak points of the World Vision tool

We are very annoyed because we did not find any negative points about the tool Vision Flight of

Conclusion of the Vision Flight test

This tool that we did not know before to carry out this test has really become indispensable as soon as one begins to be interested in the flights to take for our next voyages.

Vision Flight finally serves us to know easily when to fly and when to book to pay for its cheapest plane ticket . A really indispensable tool!

Test Pixter Or How To Take Pro Pictures With His Smartphone?

We are often asked how to take pictures on a trip very easily with his smartphone without taking away a myriad of objectives often imposing and heavy with oneself. You suspect that through our job as a travel blogger, we are constantly looking for new products that can facilitate our lives and therefore also yours. And we found quality goals and made a Pixter test !

Today we test a Pixter pack of 4 low cost pro lenses and a flexible tripod with its BlueTooth remote control . We really liked this brand because their products are easy to use. That’s why we decided to share this Pixter test which is reallygood plan on our blog trip OneDayOneTravel.

We organize a contest to win you the objective for smartphone Pixter of your choice!

To participate and try to win this wonderful gift, it’s easy. Just leave a comment at the bottom of this article telling us what is your favorite goal among all those offered by Pixter. Do not forget to mention your name, first name and e-mail when you post your comment so that we can contact you in case you win the prize. The competition is open from Monday 19 June to Friday 23 June 2017 (10am). The prize draw and winner announcement will take place on Friday, June 23rd at 12:00 pm on Snapchat (id: onedayonetravel ). The name of the winner will then be announced in comment of this article and it will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Good luck to everyone !

In short, Pixter lenses will allow you to push the boundaries of your mobile phone . You will see, it is the ideal solution when looking to travel light with only camera its smartphone. And for a very good quality / price ratio in addition! This is the Pixter test.

Test Pixter or how to take pro pictures with his smartphone?

1. What are the main benefits of Pixter lenses? How it works ? How much does it cost ?

The main advantages of Pixter lenses are that they are miniature and very easy to use. To fix the lens to the smartphone, simply use the clip supplied with the lens and it is ready . They weigh more or less 30 grams each and hold largely in a pocket.

When you see the result of the pictures taken with the various objectives of the pack pro, one is amazed by this first test Pixter.

Offered individually or in packs , you will recover the different objectives for smartphone and relative prices on the website of Pixter but thou shalt quickly account you that the quality / price of products is unbeatable. Indeed, for less than 50 euros , you have a nice objective quality easy to take in hand more. The Pixter packs are obviously more advantageous.

Pixter offers 8 products , either singly or in pack (starter or pro).

We opted for a pro pack at 149.90 euros instead of 199.60 euros including: 4 Pixter clips, 4 lenses (Super Fisheye, Wide Angle Pro, Macro Pro and Telephoto) with 4 maintenance wipes , 4 objective covers and 4 small transport covers.

  • There is also the Starter pack at 49.90 euros instead of 89.70 euros.
  • There is also the pack traveler, freestyleur and macro lover.

Side delivery , nothing to say. We were pleasantly surprised to receive a package, containing not only the desired Pack but with photos, candies, stickers, a handwritten note and a badge. Friendly!

2. The great Pixter test

We tested the Pro Pack with an Iphone 6+ .

2.1. Super Fisheye Pixter Test

We are in early June. Installed at table by the sea in sandy Bermuda while enjoying a sublime sunset, we could not help but launch a new Pixter test with the Super Fisheye lens .

For the anecdote, while we take this picture, the couple installed at the table beside also takes pictures souvenirs with the same material. We see more and more tourists using it during their holidays. It must be admitted that it is so practical that we are not so surprised to see the success of these products . The Super Fisheye lens, like all the others in the Pixter range, holds in a pocket or small bag. They know how to be discreet while bringing infinite possibilities of creation .

On the technical side, the Super Fisheye lens has a field angle of 235 degrees and is armed with a focal length of 11.2 mm. It weighs only 34 grams. The pictures speak for themselves during this Pixter test. The rendering is just super nice.

Same thing in New York where we stopped a few hours before joining Bermuda. Look at what Times Square looks like with a simple smartphone and the distortion characteristic of the Pixter Super Fisheye lens. Thanks to its wide-angle field , it feels like being there, you do not find it?

What Medications In Her Travel Medicine kit?

Since the time we travel around the world and we are told about our adventures in our  travel blog , we wanted to give you our tips to properly prepare your travel medicine kit . The holiday pharmacy kit should be first and foremost a first aid kit, a real survival kit . It must contain medicines, essential items that we will detail and important documents related to your health.

In short, we will tell you everything to help you stay at ease and safe during your future travels . It is important, if not essential, to prepare your travel medicine kit especially when traveling independently but also when you are opting for a tour .

The names of the medicines mentioned in this article are given for information purposes only .Obviously we are not replacing family doctors. Before a trip, we advise you to contact your doctor to take stock of the vaccines.

Here are our tips for organizing your travel medicine kit, as well as our list of essential medicines to deal with the relatively common illnesses or other bobos that you can contract while traveling.

When organizing your travel medicine kit, here are the main points to remember:

  • Kit is as compact as possible, wear-resistant and hermetic.
  • You need to know exactly what is in your pharmacy kit and how to use it. Prepare a list of the medications you take, the symptoms they treat, the dosage, etc.
  • The content should be tailored to your needs, taking into account geographic considerations and planned activities.

Find our list of useful links at the bottom of the article

01. What to take with you when traveling

Here are the essential items to include in your travel first aid kit.

ZIP bags useful !!!

  • Adhesive bandages, dressings of several sizes
  • Scissors, tweezers (sea urchins, splints for example)
  • Sterile gauze compresses
  • Antibacterial hand sanitizer
  • Anti-bacterial and antifungal spray or cream
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Thermometer

Do not forget that sharp objects, such as scissors, must be kept in checked baggage if you travel by air. Find out more about the rules and instructions by plane .  You will know almost everything  on the size of cabin baggage and hold baggage .

02. Take-home medications

Here is a list of some of the medications we always carry with us on our long trips.

The names of the medicines are given for information! Consult your doctor to determine which medications are best for you (due to allergies, other medications, etc.).

► Make sure you bring enough medicine for your entire trip.

  • Drugs anti-diarrheal : Severe diarrhea: Zithromax / Diarrhrées: Imodium
  • Intestinal dressings : Smecta
  • Drugs anti-nausea , anti vomiting: Vogalène
  • Fever and pain / Anti-inflammatory. Moderate: Analgesic (attenuates pain): Dafalgan(paracetamol) / Intense: analgesic: Ibuprofen (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory). Caution: do not associate with anti-inflammatories or corticosteroids.
  • Stomach Pain  : Spasfon
  • Itching : Diprosone (local corticosteroid) for reactions to nasty insect bites
  • Allergy : Aerius , anti allergic without fatigue effect (good walking for allergy to jellyfish)
  • Infection of the eye : Azyter 1 dose . Antibiotic if infection of the eye, conjunctivitis.
  • Antibiotic broad spectrum and antibacterial (angina, cutaneous infections, ENT infection): Pyostacine

► Keep packaging (original container labeled)

► When traveling by plane, keep the medication you really need in your hand luggage if your main luggage is lost.

03. Take it with you on the go

You can also include in your travel medicine kit other items, depending on your destination and the nature of your trip:

  • Solar cream
  • Cream, after-sun lotion: Biaphine
  • Anti-mosquito spray
  • Earplugs / Earplugs
  • Mosquito
  • Water purification tablets
  • Condoms

04. Important documents related to your health

Finally, here are some important documents that you will need to include in a medical emergency.

  • Local emergency telephone numbers (nearest hospitals, for example).
  • Proof of your health insurance coverage.
  • A copy of your vaccination records, including a yellow fever vaccination certificate if required by the country you are going to visit.
  • A contact card with information about you: accommodation at your holiday location, a family member, the embassy of your country of origin in your country of destination and the emergency number of your health insurance.

05. Some anecdotes and bobos

  • Richard cut his arm by broken glass at a party with friends in a bar in the Olympic Port inBarcelona . It was bloody that the first helpers intervened. Small ambulance tour because the hospital is very close. A few bonus stitches. The pharmacy kit would not have suffic …
  • Franck opened his skull during our  trip to Brazil , in the Amazon, on the morning of the trek. And yes, if you follow our adventures on our travel blog, you may have noticed that Franck wears a cap on all the videos and all the photos until the end of the adventure. It was to avoid infections, flies and their nice eggs … It was in the village of Alter do Chao where we had put down our backpacks a few days that the event took place. On the morning of the departure for 3 days of trek in the Amazon, Franck bumped against the clim and did not miss.In a few seconds, he found himself covered in blood, close to losing consciousness.Completely sounded Richard rushed him to the health center which, by chance, was in front of our dwelling. The nurses were great. The place was very clean and the welcome warm. And all that, in the middle of the Amazon rainforest!
  • Franck , again, stung by an unidentified flying insect in Mexico . It is precisely in the region of Oaxaca during a visit of ruins not tourist at all, that alone, we walked in the middle of the old stones. Suddenly, a cloud of insects of red color, the size of a dragonfly has taken flight under our feet. Franck was taken to the leg of an intense pain. He was walking in Bermuda shorts. Since then, he only wears pants The leg started to swell enormously and it stings !!!Obliged to join, leg in the air at the back of our rental vehicle, the nearest town. A few hundred kilometers away we finally find a hotel with a doctor’s permanence. Some hidden and care ointments later, everything finally came back in order. We will probably never know the name of these dirty creatures.