Cheap Flight Tickets: Bravofly

Cheap Flight Tickets: Bravofly

We regularly reserve flight tickets on the internet using a flight search engine . As you know, there are a myriad of sites available on the web. The Bravofly website is one of the flight comparators that we regularly use  to find the best flight prices . We tell you why and give you our tips and advice on how to use this comparator with an analysis of the different options to find the best destination at the best price .

Place the test compare flights Bravofly.

Why Bravofly?

The history of BravoFly dates back to 2004, when the company was the first search engine for low cost flights on the Italian market. Today, based in Switzerland, Bravofly sells almost 100,000 airline tickets each monthand more than 2 million people already trust it . We are part of it so why not you?

With our platform, you can easily search, compare and book flights  (via traditional airlines or low cost airlines) and book hotel nights, tours, cruises or holiday rentals. car.

Another highlight of the Bravofly website is the ability to download free tourist guides . These guides are written by people living in these cities and are very often updated. Their blog associated with the site is also a mine of info for travelers . You can also find our interview  to learn a little more about us.

Home page Bravofly

How do I find the cheapest flight ticket to Bravofly?

BravoFly offers 3 methods to find your airfare at the best price:

  • “Search your flights” : search with your dates and the destination of departure and arrival is the classic search.
  • “Best offers” : search with budget, destination, month of departure and length of stay.
  • «Low cost destinations! “ : Search with only 2 criteria, your budget and the city of departure. Good plan to find your destination!

01. “Search your flights” option

This is the most classic and intuitive search of any flight comparator. You must return the cities or airports of departure and arrival as well as your dates of holidays. Once this information is entered, a page opens with a summary table indicating, in color, the best prices found around the dates requested. Very handy if you are flexible , and you have to be flexible to find a good price . At a glance, you can see the most interesting rate. the green boxes correspond to the lowest rates.

In the left column, you can also ask the comparator to display flights with additional options: Direct flight only, maximum number of stops, maximum transit time, restrict the number of companies offered, etc.

We find this table very practical because we see all prices on 1 page only. This makes it easy to choose the dates of your trip according to the data.

02. “Best offers” option

The 2nd flight search option is interesting if you know your destination and the month in which you want to travel.

By using this option, you will learn during which month but also which day of the week it is more advantageous to travel to the destination that you have chosen. We can also play over the length of the stay to find the best combination that will offer you the most attractive price, respecting your budget.

03. Option “Low cost destination! “

This is our preferred flight comparison option for flights to Bravofly. This 3rd and final search option is very useful if you do not know where to go on a trip . Bravofly then presents a map and asks you your budget and your city of departure. The European cities are shown on the map with the price of the cheapest associated flight.

In the example below, we can find a way to Barcelona to 35 euros! It can give destination ideas.

It is thanks to this option that we had the idea to go to Turkey twice in 2014. We booked on the site of Bravofly an Istanbul-Paris to 135 euros per person with the company Turkish Airlines for a flight mid-August. Really cheap, right?

Once the map is displayed, click on the desired destination. You can then refine your search with the duration of the stay and the month of departure.

Lowlights and highlights of Bravofly

01. What we like less

As far as we can tell you right away, these are the lowest possible booking fees on the Bravofly flight search engine. Why ? Because these administrative fees are not announced from the start. So here’s a tip to avoid paying them . Reserve your tickets during the hollow period of reservation, ie rather at night, in the middle of the week . For the purchase of our Istanbul-Paris flight, we made the reservation in the night from Wednesday to Thursday and thus escape the famous fees! You will be told a lot more about our file: how to find the cheapest airline ticket on the internet ? Then you only have to apply the tips, tricks and tips that are described to you in this article to put the maximum of chances on your side and to buy your plane ticket at the right price. Last minute, do not forget your taxes  (minimal) that will only appear at the end of the booking on the Bravofly flight search engine.

Tip : subscribe to the Bravofly Facebook page to be informed about the latest promotions.

02. What we like

The ergonomics of the Bravofly flight comparison system is excellent. Research results are only facilitated. Exposed clearly in a painting , one finds oneself right away and it is thus very easy to find a cheap flight . Although Bravofly is a reputable site that allows you to find the cheapest prices on the market, you are advised to use other airfare price comparators and also go directly to the company website air traffic .

In any case, once the flight is booked on Bravofly, we do not have time to worry because we quickly receive a confirmation email and an email with the invoice. It reassures and reinforces the security of the purchase.

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