Comparative Analysis and Research on CBD Oil – Colorado

Comparative Analysis and Research on CBD Oil - Colorado

As more products become available on the market, consumers may have questions regarding cannabidiol oil (CBD oil). A first time visitor to Denver will likely be overwhelmed by the number of cbd oil colorado products. Walking into a dispensary, there are many terms and properties to be aware of, such as the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil.

CBD Oil Is A Legit Industry That Is Thriving

CBD oil is a growing industry not just in Colorado, but in other U.S. states that have legalized the product. This legal status is one of the largest differences in hemp oil and CBD oil. Hemp oil is a product that has been widely used and is legal across the country. Hemp oil does not contain the delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) properties that cause a feeling of “being high” or the euphoria associated with certain uses of the cannabis plant. Hemp oil and CBD oil are made from the same plant, however the seeds the industrialized hemp oil products are made from do not contain the properties that have caused most other uses of the plant to be restricted in most U.S. states. Hemp oil can be found in many products, such as lotions and body washes.

Cbd oil colorado is an area for massive growth and opportunity. Similar to hemp oil, CBD oil does not contain the THC component that is typically associated with recreational use of the cannabis plant. Distilled from many parts of the cannabis plant, CBD oil is associated with the medicinal properties of the marijuana plant. This has led to more research being done on the many uses of CBD oil. Available in most dispensaries in Denver and the rest of Colorado, many people use CBD oil products to relieve chronic pain, and it has begun to be used as a replacement for highly addictive opioids.

What Medical Research Says On CBD Oil

CBD oil is widely believed to have anti-inflammatory properties. Previously, medical research on any use of the cannabis plant has been highly restricted by the federal government, resulting in a lack of real information on the plant and its uses other than anecdotal evidence and limited research. As CBD oil has been legalized and widely used in Colorado, more evidence based research has been conducted allowing for users to make informed decisions on their use of the oil. As with anything, prior to starting a new course of treatment those considering the use of CBD oil for medical issues should consult with their doctor about the potential impacts and interactions with existing medical treatment.

What Makes CBD Oil Acceptable?

As CBD oil lacks the THC associated with the stigmatized high and euphoria of marijuana use, it is becoming more mainstream and accepted in Colorado and around the U.S. CBD products are even beginning to gain international recognition as worthwhile products in medical treatments. In addition to chronic pain and inflammation, CBD oil is being used to treat seizures, symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis and cancer treatments, as well as anxiety and depression. While with anything that is new to the market, it is wise to conduct research on the use of CBD oil and be discerning of the resources being cited.

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