Delhi Government reorganization in the employment system

Govt Jobs in Delhi

Delhi is being the capital of India always stands first in education, employment, and other sectors. Day-by-day the improvements of the Delhi government have been skyscraping. The government prevails in giving quality education and has been doing many reformations in employment sectors. Every year periodical announcements have been made for Govt Jobs in Delhi. The departments which require manpower announce their vacancies, eligibility and exam procedure. The Delhi government offers the jobs to the candidates based on their eligibility, scored marks in the competitive exam.

Three years ago Delhi government conducted two job summits. Through the summits, about 12,000 youths were employed. The Directorate of Employment announced that according to their records, the first job summit, held from August 1st to 8th offered Govt Jobs in Delhi for about 2100 people. In the second summit held from November 16th to December 9th, 10,000 people were employed.

Last year, the Delhi Government launched its online job portal and organized a job fair from 11th to 15th July to help the candidates to be placed in private sectors. Labour Minister GopalRai informed that the online job portal would help both employers and employees in finding out the apt candidate and right job.

The Minister informed that both the employers and employees would have to do registration on the Delhi Government’s webportal. The candidate would be shortlisted based on their skill set and the interview rounds would be helpful to ensure the suitable candidate. The Government also requested the Industry bodies like CII, ASSOCHAM for participating in the event in order to provide a huge opportunity to the job seekers.

Besides employment, the government stands top in doing reformations in the education sector.

The AamAadmi Party (AAP) government announced that “Chunauti 2018”, a major school education reform program aimed for enabling government school students especially in Class 11th to overcome the problems have been faced due to adverse effects.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia told that the students from classes 6th to 9th would be regrouped on a Base Line Assessment that was conducted immediately.

The Delhi government wanted the weakest students to receive special attention from the best teachers to bring them equal to other students. Based on the students learning level, the grouping system was made and it was implemented for the purpose of enabling the teacher to convey the learning necessary to all children in an effective way.

Pilot schools:AAP government chose 54 schools for a complete refurbishment of the entire school buildings. It also included equipping the schools with smart class, computer, projector, screen, modern fibre benches, along with painted school walls. The government expandedthe reformation work to all other schools in a phased manner.

Mega PTMs:Mega Parents Teacher Meetings brought the parents inside the education of their children. The first PTM was held in July, 2016 and thousands of parents visited their children’s school for the first time. PTMs have been common in top private schools whereas it was only in papers in case of government schools. Such PTMs improved the relationship between the parents and teachers, and also supported the children with greater academic and emotional support. Hope, such great attempts in education would help the candidates to get Govt Jobs in Delhi.

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