Ginger, The Tonic Spice You Need To Have At Home!


The term ginger is derived from Sanskrit shringavera , which means “shaped deer wood”. This plant comes from tropical Asia ( Zingiber Officinalis ) is composed of two parts: an aerial part and an underground part, the famous rhizome used in the traditional Asian kitchens for its piquant taste slightly lemony. Grown in tropical areas and on moist soils, it is found in India, Malaysia, China and Nepal.

Ginger is from the same family ( Zingiberaceae ) as turmeric, with which it marries very well.

Rich in multiple virtues and renowned for its tonic and aphrodisiac effects, it has been used for millennia! Some 3,500-year-old manuscripts mention its use, which goes back as far as 5,000 years. It is one of the first oriental spices to have been imported into the Mediterranean basin and was then used by the Greeks and Romans. It met with success in France from the Middle Ages.

The composition of the rhizome

The ginger rhizome contains essential oil (1-3%) as well as an oleoresin that is the source of its pungent flavor. The latter contains 15% gingerol, a major component of fresh ginger.

Also rich in minerals such as magnesium, calcium or iron and copper (for raw ginger), the rhizome contributes to the proper functioning of the body and the fight against free radicals.

Finally, it contains the vitamins B1, B2 and B3, known to stimulate vitality.

Its Benefits

With a warm and powerful flavor, powdered ginger, offered by the Route des Comptoirs ,Guayapi or Vidya Ayurveda , accompanies soups, curries or other cooked dishes.

Ginger is widely known for relieving digestive problems, including nausea and indigestion. Thus, the ginger capsules can be used in case of gastrointestinal infestations, for nausea in early pregnancy or post-operative nausea and finally in case of sickness.

In the form of essential oil , ginger is also used in case of indigestion, flatulence but is not advised them pregnant women. Excellent tonic, it is also advisable in cases of sexual fatigue and impotence, thanks to its energizing effects. The essential oil can be taken orally (1 to 2 drops in honey or olive oil 3 times a day in case of digestive disorders). When diluted in a vegetable oil, it masses on the abdomen in case of constipation.

Ginger also showed promising results on pain associated with rheumatism and arthritis pain, demonstrating anti-inflammatory effects.

For its vitalising side, it is sometimes associated with other stimulants, such as guarana and ginseng.

For slightly stressed men who also want to boost their sexual form, Toni Men uses three herbs: ginger, red ginseng and schisandra, the latter helping to regain physical and intellectual well-being.

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