How To Build Attics According To Batiik Studio

Decrypting with Batiik Studio

Today I will meet you for a special lesson, which will allow you to discover how to create an attic space while optimizing the surface of a relatively small studio or small apartment.

How to build roof spaces: Decrypting with Batiik Studio

To illustrate, I chose to introduce you to a project led by the studio Batiik , which undertook the transformation of a small attic room into a two-room kitchen.

To this end, the architect Rebecca Benichou has completely rethought the existing surface of the premises, so that each existing volume is used wisely.

In the first place, a modular and retractable piece of furniture, serving as a bed, a sofa and a table , was built to order so that the owner of the premises can enjoy a maximum of space during the day while having a friendly place to receive.

The kitchen area has been isolated from this space with multiple functions by a light openwork wooden counter.

The latter has the advantage of delimiting all in lightness but allows above all to allow as much light as possible into the apartment, while enlarging its perspective.

You will notice that the walls have been fully exploited for storage, which can be found along the living room, in the form of cupboards some doors of which are also perforated but also in the entrance where large cabinets embedded in medium, let us guess even closed their important capacity.

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The bathroom is the only partitioned space in the apartment, with its dark blue walls echoing the coffee table, which also acts as an extra storage.

The only radiator in the apartment, was built in an openwork chest of the same night blue as the walls of the bathroom.

It blends into the decor while releasing a small pocket-sized tablet that proves to be the most practical!

how to build roof spaces

This project is proof that even a small apartment or a studio with a small surface can be arranged in an optimal way, but above all that there are many ideas for fitting roofs in which to draw without hesitation!

I hope this lesson has been useful to you! And you, how did you arrange your attic ?

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