How to get a new DTH connection

How to get a new DTH connection

Getting a new DTH connection is as easy as ordering a new postpaid plan and as uncomplicated as brewing a cup of coffee. We walk you through the essentials.

American humourist and TV writer Larry Gelbart summed it up really well when he said, ‘Television is a medium of mass distraction’.

In many ways, your TV set is your faithful companion in good times and bad. Your TV set is forever there to provide hours of entertainment. It can keep you hooked as you watch your favourite TV shows unravel in front of your eyes. It lets you catch up on the news, plays music while you’re doing your chores, even lets you complete office projects by allowing Internet connectivity. In so many ways, a TV set is your friend for all seasons – and not just TV series seasons!

You might have an expensive plasma TV or a shiny new LED TV set. When you bought your TV, you wanted to watch live sporting events or important award functions on a large screen and being as close to the action as possible. But what you probably didn’t bargain for was the fact that your cable TV connection was just not up to the task of providing quality entertainment.

Compare two TV sets, one powered by a cable TV connection and the other by a DTH connection, and see the difference in programming quality. While the cable TV images are hazy, dull and sometimes riddled with inexplicable spots and lines, the picture and sound quality on DTH is simply awesome. Once you’ve seen the output side by side, you will instantly apply for a new DTH connection – as you should!

How to get the best new DTH connection

You should start by researching the best rated new DTH connections in India. There are several DTH providers to choose from, but we recommend the leading ones like Airtel. Not only do you get superior programming at a reasonable price (monthly plans start from as low as Rs 292 only), easy and affordable installation and base packs, and also hassle-free monthly recharge.

Besides, the installation and purchase process is really easy. From making an initial inquiry to getting the connection installed, it does not take more than one week to get a new Airtel DTH connection – at a pack and price that you want!

Interested? This is how you get a new DTH connection from Airtel: Log on to the Airtel website on from your personal computer or tab. Look for ‘DTH’ under ‘Buy’ and browse the existing offers and packs that Airtel currently has. Next, fill in your name and contact details as asked, and ask for a call back. Airtel’s representative then enquires about your requirements and suggests the right package for you. In a day or two, the Airtel personnel come to your home to fix the dish and explain how the connection works.

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