How to work at Amazon Barcelona

How to work at Amazon Barcelona

Amazon opens its doors in Barcelona, specifically in El Prat. With this new opening, will create 1500 jobs during the first three years of work and, therefore, many people are beginning to ask how to work at Amazon Barcelona . You should know that this logistics center will be one of the largest in this company reaching 63,000 square meters. This multinational will offer jobs in the warehouse but, also, in other tasks such as receptionists, packagers of products, preparation of orders, and so on.

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Steps to follow:


If you want to work at Amazon Barcelona, the first thing we recommend is that you access the official Amazon job board, that is, Amazon Jobs. Once you enter here, you will find a general screen where you can enter the field you want to access, such as “dependent”, “customer service”, “programmer”, and so on. In this way, you can filter your search according to your profile and your knowledge.

If you want to see all the work offer that Amazon has in Barcelona, then we recommend that you do not enter any word in the search bar and that, directly, click enter to see all the results of employment.


To work in Amazon Barcelona you must select the location in the search result. To do this, you should look at the top left of the screen and select the city “Barcelona”, so, you will only see the results for the city and will not appear international or other cities. At this time you can also filter your search further by indicating the category of employment, equipment, and so on.


Once you have found the job offer that best suits your needs, you must simply access the top right of the screen and mark the “Apply for a job today” button that is shaded purple or purple. First of all, from a tapedaily we recommend that you carefully read the job offer as well as the conditions and profile that they are looking for from this multinational to avoid going to the interview and wasting time.


To work in Amazon Barcelona you only have to register as a candidate in the next screen that will appear just after you apply for the job. Here, you must register your profile, something you can do directly with your Facebook account, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and so on.

You must indicate all your experience and training to earn more points in the selection process; We also recommend that you add a cover letter to explain your motivations and what you think you can contribute if you get hired.


There is also an agreement between Amazon and the Adecco ETT that will allow you to access your job offers through this professional recruitment company. The ETTs are a type of human resources companies used by multinationals to save their hiring processes and in Barcelona Adecco is responsible for carrying out this operation. Therefore, be aware of the offers published in this ETT and, if there is one that fits your profile, you only have to sign up on your website to be able to apply for the job offer.


Another of the best ways you have to work at Amazon Barcelona is directly consulting the Linkedin of this multinational. Keep in mind that, at the moment, this social network is one of the most powerful at the time of looking for a job since many companies use it to offer their jobs and be able to make a more direct selection process. Remember that Linkedin is a professional network where you establish links with related people in your sector but also where you have posted your CV publicly with recommendations from other people who have worked with you.

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To find a job on Amazon through Linkedin, you must click on the option ” See jobs ” and, once here, you will see a list of all offers around the world. Include the word “Barcelona” in the column on the left dedicated to the location of the offer and, then, the works of this city will appear directly to you. When you find the one that interests you, you will have to click on it and then, “Apply for a job”.


A fundamental part of finding a job is to write a good CV . In a tape dailywe have different articles aimed at making a good CV , but if you want to go a step further, there are specialized websites like LiveCareer that will help you prepare a good CV and find a job.

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