Maximise your workout – get the right gear

Maximise your workout - get the right gear

Wearing the right clothing and footwear can enhance the efficacy of your workout. From buying Nike shoes online to picking the right uppers, we take you through the whole process.

Exercise is a crucial part of a fit person’s life. It builds the body and increases longevity, apart from staving off a number of potential diseases like diabetes and blood pressure. Regular exercise can do more to improve the body’s functioning than anything else can.

If your resolution is to get fit this year, then there’s really no time like the present to carry it out. There are a variety of options open to you, from yoga to Zumba, and from weight training to jogging.  But before you work out, you will need to get your gear in place. This includes exercise clothes, shoes, water bottle, sweat/head bands, headphones, etc. The right workout gear maximises the effects of the exercise and supports every effort that you put in.

This is how you can buy the most appropriate workout gear:

* Find out what you need.

The workout gear you buy depends on the kind of exercise you are about to do. Those enrolling for yoga classes need a yoga mat, some tees and baggy track pants. Meanwhile, those who are about to go running will need quick drying fabrics and running shoes. Not every kind of workout clothing suits every kind of workout, so picking the most suitable kind is key.

* Start by buying the right shoes.

Now that you have decided on the kind of exercise routine you are going to enrol for, it is time to start buying the gear. The first step is to buy footwear. The shoes bear the maximum brunt of activities like running, jogging, skipping and cycling. Buy Nike shoes online for either walking or running. You can get a variety of Nike shoes online in your size and preferred colour, with a fit that is comfortable and designed for maximum heel and toe support to enhance maximise your results. Always exercise with shoes on, unless you do yoga.

* The correct clothing makes all the difference.

You have just added a superb pair of Nike shoes online to your shopping bag. Now go ahead and add some cool new workout threads, too. Depending on the kind of fabric you prefer and the exercise level, you should invest in light cotton or polyester/rayon blend fabrics. The latter is popularly known as ‘Dry fit’ in workout parlance, and it wicks sweat away from the body to keep you comfortable during the toughest workout. Look for sweat wicking fabrics in both your tees and track bottoms/shorts. Make sure that the fabric is not too snug around the elbows and knees.

* Buy a bag to hold your stuff.

If you have enrolled in a gym or health club, then you will need to carry an exercise bag. The bag can be locked away in the locker room, and it can hold your gear like shoes, water bottle, socks, headbands/wristband, headphones, wallet, etc. when you travel to and from the gym.

* Finish off with headphones.

You have now purchased everything else you need for a happy workout – end your shopping expedition with a good pair of headphones. Wireless Bluetooth-enabled headphones are best since they leave you unencumbered during your exercise. They also keep you motivated with peppy music when you are out cycling or running alone.

Here’s wishing you a happy workout and a seriously fit 2018!

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