Next Generation Maruti Alto 800 Could Have A Crossover Design

Next Generation Maruti Alto 800 Could Have A Crossover Design

The MarutiAlto is a budget masterpiece. When it was launched, it caught every other car in surprise in this segment. And above all, it offers the best value for the price. In this era, technology is increasing rapidly. Car manufacturers are importing new techs in their product and they are upgrading it. Maruti Alto 800 is not an exception. It is updated, advanced and the latest version of Alto which is launched in 2018.

About Maruti Alto 800

The budget and the Alto are good friends. If you check the Alto 800 price, then you will find it verycompetitively. The starting price is around 2.7 lakhs and it can go up to 4 lakhs. TheAlto 800 is one of the best selling cars in the country. It’s an affordable, efficient vehicle and one can rely upon it totally. It is available in 10 variants and 8 colours – superior white, silky silver, mojito green, granite grey, cerulean blue, blazing red, auburn brown, and absolute black. The naming is done cleverly and attractively.

The specifications and the advancement

It is water clear that Alto launched this car by doing pretty much advancements over the old version. Having a 796 cc engine displacement with fuel petrol type, it is the maestro. It offers an insane mileage of around 25 km per litres. It is very efficient and the approx. power of 47 bhp at 6000 rpm, pushes out top torque of 69 nm at 3500 rpm. TheAlto 800 has a 5-speedgearbox which is amazing. Transmission options include the 5-speed manual unit. It has 3 cylinders inbuilt. The suspension and the brakes, both in front and rear, work absolutely perfect. Having 12 inches of wheel size, it runs on tubeless tires. The seating capacity is 5 which is ideal for a family car. With the 177 liters of boot space and 35 liters of fuel capacity, it serves the purpose. Having a 2360 mm wheelbase, it has an excellent ground clearance of 160 mm. Interior and exterior decoration are decent, not good and not bad. However, additional kits are available for decoration. No USB charging is available. The one flaw is it doesn’t support the speaker, music system, and FM radio. So there is no entertainment in the car but the music system can be installed externally. As usual,Maruti didn’t compromise on safety and security. Alto 800 gives 2 years of warranty, which is actually amazing because even some high budget cars don’t offer warranty for that period of time. Alto tries to give it a retro type look and the look is stunning and mundane but there is a rumor that the next gen alto 800 could have a crossover design by remaining intact all of the specs. If it happens then it would be very attractive.

What’s the verdict?

It is the best in its segment and without any thought just go for it. The advancements did pretty well by the engineers. It beats all of its predecessors. In between 3 to 4 lakhs, the alto 800 price offers the best value for money. It has captured the market already and it can be predicted that it will continue to capture the market for the next 5 years or more.

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