Our Tips For A Fall At The Top!

Our Tips For A Fall At

This time, it’s decided! Autumn will not overcome your enthusiasm and energy! A few simple ideas will help you get through October with a smile!

Go to the Zen Lounge!

The Salon Zen , which takes place from Thursday at the Espace Champerret, will open its doors on a multitude of products and ideas to flourish physically and psychically. Whether you are interested in relaxation methods, oriental medicines or ecological products, you will find your happiness in the alleys.

Getting there is a good springboard to attack the school year, by drawing breathing techniques or more in-depth training for those who wish to engage professionally. And from the product side, from eco-friendly cleaners to cooking tools, to cosmetics and board games, a panel of manufacturers will be there to guide you on the road to well-being!

For those living near Nantes or Marseille, the Zen and Bio shows will take place from 6 to 8 October and Artemisia from 20 to 22 October.

Enjoy the autumn lights

If they are no longer the warm and free rays of the summer sun, autumn brings with it a multitude of beautiful lights which it would be a shame not to profit. Get out, walk, admire. Get green sneakers , and go for a ride in the green spaces near you!

Walking – or other sports for those who like to run or spend more – is a way to get oxygenated. Better breathing than usual also reduces the level of stress when necessary.

And for those who fear the first cold, the scarf s, stoles and lanyards keep the neck warm! Focusing on natural and ecological materials is both better for the skin and the environment.

As for your interior, do not forget to air it 15 minutes a day, and this in all weather!

Tonic supplements!

For those who already feel a little tired, some “super foods” chosen for their nutritional qualities have the gift of waking up our tone and our immune defenses. The products of the hive are a good example. Whether it is propolis , royal jelly or pollen , they have revitalizing and protective properties. And all these supplements do not deprive you of feasting on all the varieties of honey better than the others!

Foods rich in vitamin C , citrus fruits, and acerola are also welcome in this period. Thanks to their rich bioflavonoids and vitamin C, grapefruit extracts have found their legitimacy by boosting the resistance of the body and exerting an antimicrobial action.

There are super foods ( spirulina , camu camu , moringa , goji berries ) for those who wish to make a nutritional cure in case of fatigue or convalescence.

Treat yourself!

Nothing like scheduling small pleasures to maintain his morale and advance more serenely. Have a lunch that makes you salivate, an evening of cooperative games with your children, a massage, offer a scented candle , an excellent chocolate … And take care of your friendships, the social bond is certainly as beneficial to the health ‘A balanced diet !

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