POWIIS! The International School In Malaysia

international school in Malaysia

In an authentic Malaysian context, the school was designed, built and equipped to bring the very best education system. Deliberately modeled on an established and traditional UK pattern of boarding, it brings pride on a unique atmosphere created with the large on-site community of borders and staff.

What Is In A Crest?

The components that make up the crest of the Prince Of Wales Island International School are:

  • In red: the nutmeg, when clove and nutmeg trees were planted in Penang by the British East India Company, the representatives of the rich spice plantations which were an important part of the island’s economy in the late 18th and 19th centuries. The hills above Bali Pulau retain many of the spice orchards from those times although the spice trade is no longer a major part of the life on the island.
  • In blue: this segments depicts the outline of Penang Island from which the island’s name “Pulau Penang” was derived and illustrated in the center of the map is Areca catechu or pinang palm tree and it is still common in the island.
  • In yellow: the royal emblem of the fleur-de-lys is now the badge of the Prince of Wales and used since the 14th century. To bring a tropical interpretation to an insignia associated with a lineage from which it got the name on it.

The Educational Ethos

As an international school in Malaysia, the school enjoys considerable freedom to tailor the syllabus to the needs of the pupils. It takes into account characteristics of each student: varied cultural and linguistic backgrounds, their strengths and their aspirations for the next stage of education. Everything that the POWIIS do is a geared towards creating lively and enquiring minds whether academic or social or curricular or extra-curricular.  Whether it is embarked upon at home or abroad, the pupils leave with the breadth of knowledge with an ambitious outlook and innovative skills of leadership which will support them in their future.

The Extra-Curricular Overview 

Every pupil will be engaged in a range of activities outside of the classroom at the Prince of Wales International School. POWIIS shall expect a level of commitment and a breadth of involvement which will see as a pupil makes the most of their time at school as in their academic lives. And as in their academic experienced, pursuits and enthusiastic staff will be on hand to encourage and support. The school shall pass on certain aspects of the responsibility for leading and creating activities to senior pupils whenever possible and provide them with essential leadership and organizational experience, and take responsibility for themselves and for others is the crucial role.

Non-teaching Positions

Positions are usually advertised on Jobstreet and the MTT Group of Companies website. Applicants should have:

  • A degree in the relevant department and/or relevant work experience
  • Good standard of spoken and written English
  • A willingness to be part of a dynamic and growing team to contribute to the overall administration and operations of the school.

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