Sweetest Day of the Year – Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day Gifts

Just like a kid waits for the summer vacation, just like a working professional waits for the salary day, just like a patient in hospital waits for the discharge, just like a expecting mother waits for the delivery, just like an old person in old age home waits for a call from his children, just like a soldier waits for the war to end in the same way a couple in love wait for this week to come year after year. What week are we talking about? Yes, it is the Valentine week.

It is not that the couple doesn’t love each other rest of the year, or that the love for each other increases manifolds during the week. It is just that the expression of love is much sweeter in this week.

Valentines Week

The week spans over 8 days, yes the love made it a week which is one day longer than the normal week. Days celebrated in the order are:

  • Rose Day – Feb 7
  • Propose Day – Feb 8
  • Chocolate Day – Feb 9
  • Teddy Day – Feb 10
  • Promise Day – Feb 11
  • Hug Day – Feb 12
  • Kiss Day – Feb 13
  • Valentine Day – Feb 14

Although all the days are special but sweetest them all is The Chocolate Day, literally.

Ritual of Chocolate Day

The ritual says the couple give each other chocolates as a Chocolate Day gift. But, as the time progressed, the forms of these gifts changed. Now, Chocolate Day gifts range from a chocolate to Box of chocolates, assorted chocolate packs, chocolates in various shapes, last year one of my friends gifted her fiancé a 4 feet tall 3 feet wide teddy made of chocolate. Yes, it just needs to tickle your imagination to make the day a bit more sweeter.

Meanwhile, Chocolate day gifts also vary with the type of chocolates you choose, and there are plenty to choose from. There is unsweetened chocolate, bittersweet chocolate (commonly known as dark chocolate), semisweet chocolate, milk chocolate, sweet baking chocolate, white chocolate, Mexican chocolate.

Innovation is the Key

Add a bit of innovation and craziness to the chocolate and it will add a spark to your day. Some of the ideas in probably increasing order of craziness are as follows:

  • You can try baking a chocolate cake for your love to show you care
  • You can make Captain Morgan’s chocolate, for uninitiated it is alcoholic candy with Captain Morgan’s rum as the key ingredient.
  • You can try making Irish Whisky Chocolate truffle
  • If you are still want to experiment some more, and are ready to make it more crazy well, then the basic unit of chocolate cocoa can be brought into play. You can indulge with your love in some chocolate in the air fest.
  • Caution: the craziness gets wild. People with faint and not so romantic heart should probably give this a miss. For the wild couples out there, get your melting pots out and melt some chocolate this Chocolate Day. Rest I’ll leave to your wild imagination how to make best use of the molten chocolate and the presence of your love.

We hope we would have added some fuel to your imagination. So, what are you waiting for. Order to send gifts and give way to the age old simplistic manner of gifting a pack of chocolates and this Chocolate Day gift your love something unique, and see the magic happening around.

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