The Gras Lamp: Industrial Design Icon

Industrial Design Icon

You are an adept of the industrial style and you want to integrate an emblematic lighting of the kind to your interior?

You can not fall better with this file devoted to the mythic Bold lamp , great used to loft type interiors.

Contents of this article dedicated to the lamp Gras:

1. What is the origin of the lamps Bold?

Behind the lamp Gras, there is a man: Bernard-Albin Gras, recognized as one of the precursors in the design of lighting of the 20th century.

The Gras lamp was born in 1921, through a range of lamps designed by Bernard-Albin Gras, originally intended for industry and design offices.

These lamps with industrial design and elaborate mechanics, because they are designed without screws or welding, combine simplicity, ergonomics and robustness.

The success was immediate and the lamp Gras quickly became fashionable, both for architectural professionals (including Le Corbusier, conquered by the modernity of its design and its quality of use) and private individuals.

The patent of the lamp Gras will be bought in 1927 by the company RAVEL. The next generation is provided by the Parisian publisher DCW Editions, which offers a comprehensive range of the famous lamp.

2. Why choose a Bold lamp for its interior?

If you are looking for a luminaire combining design, ergonomics, robustness, ease of use and grip, a bold lamp is made for you!

Aesthetic, functional and innovative, the Gras lamp is indeed a luminaire of exception, constituting a major creation of the French design.

The fame of these articulated lamps allowed them to go through the ages and remain those icons of design so much appreciated by enthusiasts of decoration.

  • Note: the Gras lamps are today very sought after throughout the world (France, the United States and Japan among others) by amateur collectors.

light fitting

3. Interiors that bet on Gras fixtures

Originally intended for professional use, the Gras lamp has known how to find a place in many interiors.

  • How to explain this enthusiasm?

It is very difficult not to succumb to a luminaire combining aesthetics and functionality, but especially able to adapt to many styles.

The industrial character of the Gras lamp could lead us to think that it has exclusively its place in loft or workshop-like interiors.

In order to cut short this received idea, here is the proof in images that the Gras lamp is able to be merged in all styles of interior decoration.

light fixtures Gras room hotel

The decoration of a hotel room must be particularly careful, in order to welcome its ephemeral clientele under the best auspices.

The space is ideally intimate with furniture reduced to the bare minimum, the bed has welcoming proportions and the lighting felted to perfection.

Like the hotel room, combining parquet and moldings, contemporary furniture and lamps Gras, which are found on both sides of the bed in the form of wall lamps but also as an office lamp.


Before becoming a table lamp, lamp post, ceiling lamp or wall lamp, the Gras lamp was a fully-fledged work lamp, popular with architects from all walks of life.

It goes without saying that the favorite place for a bold lamp is the desk, which will have everything to gain in terms of ergonomics and style.

Here is an example of an office that has adopted a Bold lamp, perfectly suited to mixing the kinds of the room.

applique industrial bathroom


Decorative and practical, a wall lamp is a must-have in interior decoration, which can be integrated in all rooms of the house with eyes closed.

Bold appliqués are no exception to the rule, with models able to meet all requirements.

Starting with this bathroom with a sleek design, combined with the crude charm of a Gras wall lamp.

Or even this room with the resolutely contemporary style, making only one with a sculptural applique coming from the range of lamp Gras.


industrial wall lamp

4. Which industrial lamp Bold choose?

It is very difficult to make a choice given the many models of Bright lamp available on the market.

So before you jump, do not hesitate to determine the first use of your future Gras lamp, because it goes without saying that a desk lamp, a wall lamp or a lamppost, are very different in terms of lighting .

As for the aesthetic aspect, this point is variable according to the tastes of each one

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