The Right Marketing Reflexes To Increase Your Sales!

Right Marketing Reflexes

Here are  Good Marketing Reflexes Needed To Increase Your Sales!

These ideas are inspired by the books “Marketing for Dummies” and “Marketing kit for dummies” written by Alex Hiam .

I highly recommend reading these two books which are really a source of good ideas, even if you have been marketing for years. Indeed, these 2 books are really rich in good advice to increase your sales and retain your customers.

Rather than just reviewing these books, I will summarize the documents available for free download at

1- Never lose an opportunity to talk about your business!
Take advantage of all the opportunities (meals with friends, during your travels …), without drilling everyone with your stories of work, but telling funny anecdotes and preparing a  speech to present your company very quickly presentation of your company in 30 seconds chrono).

2- Book 10 minutes a day to do Marketing!
To see long term effects, your marketing efforts must be regular. You have to extract yourself from the urgency of daily life to prepare your future sales: referencing on the internet, reminding your biggest customers, loyalty, mailings … For that, as soon as you arrive at the office, do not throw yourself on your mailbox, but just listen to your answering machine, and check that there is no emergency. Then, take 10 minutes to implement some of your good resolutions (call each morning a big customer, post a message on your blog …).

3- Identify why your customers are buying your product and not your competitors!
You need to know your strength, your competitive advantage, the major benefit of your products …perceived by your customers , then you focus on that strength and put it more in value in all your marketing tools.

4- Concentrate on hot prospects!
When you have a lot of prospects requests (salons, after an emailing …) learn to detect hot prospects (those who will buy quickly) and cold prospects (who are only watching). You have to make a special case for cold prospects to spend the least amount of time with them, while keeping their contact details and re-launch them when you have more time to devote to them (eg “I have a documentation that will help you make your choice, look at it quietly at home and I remind you next Tuesday … “) .. And book a more complete argument (long demonstration …) for hot prospects.

5- Concentrate your efforts on 1 strategy ! Do not run several hares at once: focus on the force majeure of your company and make it your credo and your competitive advantage that you will put forward in all your marketing tools.

6- Add your business card in all your mails!
On your card you must show your product / service offerings, your competitive advantage and your contact details. Of course, it is also essential to have always your business cards (from 7 € 250 on!), And when you distribute them, always specify who your offer is for: do not say not “in case I give you my card”, but rather “if you know a business creator, you can give him my details, I will give him a price …”. Be careful, even if the business cards are not expensive, it is not a reason to distribute them on the fly: it is better to do qualitative and take his time to explain your offer and why it is so interesting …

7- Answer your prospects’ requests as soon as possible!
Experience shows that the faster you respond to a request for documentation, the more likely you are to conclude the sale. The delay of 48 hours after the first contact is the maximum that should be tolerated, otherwise it is one of your competitors who will take care of it or your prospect will have had time to see several offers and so he will allow time to compare the market offers.

8- Set up a customer database!
This is essential: your clients are your capital. You have to be able to make it grow by launching loyalty and extension operations to sell complementary products. But it should also serve you to monitor customer satisfaction.

9- Set up a community of customers!
Your best customers are your best ambassadors: you must allow them to regroup, share their experiences, communicate on your products … This can go via a forum on the internet, mornings of users, focus groups … Nevertheless attention, you must always master the communication made with this group (stay the central and essential animator), otherwise you risk losing control!

10- Retain your best customers!
You have to shift the price factor to the second rank in the process of choosing your customers. This of course involves additional services (paid or free), but also by creating a relationship with your customers.For example, you can regularly offer gifts to the best buyers of your products, in order to remain present in their minds.

11- Distribute as much documentation as possible at your JPOs and trade shows!
Attention, always prefer  quantity  to quality, if you have a limited budget! Better is a flyer with a strong offer distributed to hundreds of copies, than a big doc that will only be distributed to few people. Tip: if you are organizing an animation at a partner or a place of sale, always leave a little doc after you, even if it will be thrown in the week. Indeed, there are always people who miss this kind of animations and who spend the next day or the day after to ask for documentation.

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