Vehicle Industry updates that you need to know about Jeep

Vehicle Industry updates that you need to know about Jeep

Youi OUTsurance Group

Youi OUTsurance Group, a general insurance company owned by a South-African organization, has welcomed Frank Costigan as their newest Youi New Zealand CEO. Costigan was once the company’s Deputy CEO, in which he has taken the title of CEO as of July 1, 2017. At the time of his appointment to the CEO position, he had been the Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance company’s CFO & COO for their New Zealand and Australian agency; also CFO for AIG; CFO and Head of Business Development & Strategy for AIG Asia; as well as the executive director of equities research at UBS Investment Bank.

Danie Mathee, the former Youi CEO, will take the lead at OUTsurace, which has the same parent company as Youi. OUTsurance is a completely owned company which also owns 93% of Youi, the general insurance company which provides insurance to Australia and New Zealand. Youi OUTsurance is the number one brand that sells car, buildings, content, business & liability insurance in Australia and New Zealand.

A Brief background on Youi Outsurance

Youi, the sister of Outsurance was founded in 2008 in Australia and is the main insurance company there for insuring vehicles, buildings, containers, and business liability insurance. Customers are able to get information about their insurance on their web page or be calling the call center. In 2014, Youi New Zealand was then launched, it is known as “the insurance provider who gets you.” Just as the Australian Youi does, they strive to take all their customers needs into consideration, they are the only insurance company in New Zealand not afraid to be transparent and upfront in a way that customers can hold their accountability 24/7.

What’s New for Jeep

For those of you that are Jeep and pick up truck lovers; the Jeep manufacturer has just what you have been looking for: a Jeep pickup. That’s right, Jeep hasn’t manufactured a pickup since 1992, and they are getting ready to roll one out.

This is exciting news for Jeep enthusiasts, especially those in Australia and New Zealand.

A Brief History of the Jeep

The Jeep was originally created for use as military transportation; however, after World War II there became a demand for Jeeps in the civilian transportation industry. More that 637,000 Jeeps were built for use during the war, so it wasn’t a big surprise to learn that the soldiers returning home would be enamored by the Jeep, and wanting to drive a civilian Jeep upon returning home post war time.

In 1947, the first public use Jeep was rolled out of assembly and onto the dealership floor for sale. The popularity of the Jeep was the result of “adventure tourism” –people were craving vacations in which they could take their new Jeep out on an “off road odyssey adventure”.

Ute or Jeep; Which is better?

The Ute automobile has always been very popular for Australians. Ford was the first company to introduce the Ute, when during the depression era they introduced the 1934 Coupe.

Australian’s use their Ute’s on the farms, in the city, and even as a mode of beach-going transportation in which surfer’s can haul their surfboards.

The issue with the Jeep was there wasn’t much space as in the Ute to haul stuff in. That is until now, with the creation of the Jeep pickup, Jeep and Ute fans will rejoice! This is a dream come true, all the off road durability of a Jeep combined with the storage space of their beloved two seater Ute.

This new Jeep is going to be a pioneer in the new generation of Jeeps; if not for any other reason than simply for the fact it will be combining the Jeep and the Ute into an off roaders dream vehicle. However, the fact that the engine will be diesel during a time when electronic cars are the big thing, this new Jeep will also have a state of the art infotainment system, which is going to make this new Jeep a perfect combination old old meets new age.

Availability in Australia

The new Jeep pickup is something that Australian people are looking forward to and its availability cannot come soon enough. Even though an average of 66% of Australians live in the city, they still like to go for drives that are considered off road territories, such as along the coast, in the Australia country, as well as the Outback. With an expected 2020 availability date; Australians are going to have a hard time waiting for it. The new Jeep truck will be available in the United States in 2018; it will be a welcome addition to the truck marketplace. Unfortunately, Australia and New Zealand will have to wait a little longer for it to be available to them.

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